LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 19 December 2020

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Los Angeles Times 19 December 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 19 December 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Kitten cry: MEWL

5 Top-notch: APLUS

10 "Fawlty Towers" network: BBC

13 Not a brick-and-mortar operation: ESHOP

15 Squirrel's pal, to Boris: MOOSE

16 Mess up: ERR

17 Cone topper: SCOOP

18 Send: ELATE

19 Surname suggesting anonymity: DOE

20 Ride __: SHOTGUN

22 Boris' sidekick: NATASHA

24 Agent taking a cut? REP

25 '70s-'80s televangelist show "The __ Club": PTL

27 Disgust: ODIUM

28 Endures anxiously: SWEATSOUT

32 Not at all cool: EDGY

33 Assets of KFC and Coca-Cola, e.g.: SECRETRECIPES

36 Relentlessly: TOTHELAST

37 Classic '60s hit that mentions a roller coaster: PALISADESPARK

41 Nordic language: SAMI

42 Much ballet dancing is done on them: TIPPYTOES

44 Kid's transport: TRIKE

46 Inverness objection: NAE

47 White or Black: SEA

48 As a minimum: ATLEAST

51 Upper arm muscle: TRICEPS

54 Genetic messenger: RNA

55 Tusk, in fact: TOOTH

57 Has status: RATES

58 Examine carefully: VET

59 Same old same old feeling: ENNUI

60 __ nous: ENTRE

61 "... __ the set of sun": "Macbeth": ERE

62 '90s-'00s band with a star in its logo: NSYNC

63 Hardy girl: TESS


1 Mr. and Mr.: MESSRS

2 Shuns: ESCHEWS

3 "Yay!": WHOOPEE

4 Haul: LOOT

5 "I couldn't agree more": AMENTOTHAT

6 Campaign pro: POL

7 Grant alternative: LOAN

8 Court org.: USTA

9 Address: SEETO

10 __ manner: BEDSIDE

11 Guy greetings: BROHUGS

12 Like bisque: CREAMY

14 NBA scoring stat: PPG

21 Riles: UPSETS

23 Able to do well: ADEPTAT

26 Cleverly attracted: LUREDIN

29 Do an impersonation of: ACTLIKE

30 Half-Betazoid aboard the Enterprise: TROI

31 Like 30-Down, to an extent: TELEPATHIC

34 Wyoming's "Oil City": CASPER

35 Guessing game for a road trip: ISPY

37 Associate: PARTNER

38 Comment from one hurrying in: AMILATE

39 Floral cake decoration: ROSETTE

40 Fish that measure up: KEEPERS

41 Fast to the extreme: STARVE

43 Acts smart with: SASSES

45 Taken in: EATEN

49 Word in family business names: SONS

50 One of Tommy Tune's ten: TONY

52 Steam: IRE

53 Is unable to: CANT

56 Vineyard vessel: TUN

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