LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 19 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 19 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 19 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Make a face, perhaps: SCULPT

7 Tab on old cash registers: NOSALE

13 Tarkington tween: PENROD

19 Disagreeable: OINERY

20 Brunch fare: OMELETS

22 Like zebras and donkeys: EQUINE

23 __ pin: metal fastener: COTTER

24 They know their stuff: SAVANTS

25 Plants with flavorful and irritating varieties: SUMACS

26 Sweaters in King ArthurÕs court? KNITSOFTHEROUNDTABLE

29 ÒCiao!Ó: SEEYA

30 ShirazÕs country: IRAN

31 PC shortcut key: ALT

32 Earth goddess: GAEA

34 Offshore retreat for comedians? THEISLEOFWIT

43 NL West team: PADRES

47 Thing thrown from a tree? SHADOW

48 Hotel selection: ROOMS

49 Director Kazan: ELIA

50 Clog (up): STOP

53 AmsterdamÕs Anne Frank House, e.g.: MUSEUM

56 Swindle: ROOK

57 ÒBest everÓ acronym: GOAT

58 Harsh-smelling: ACRID

60 Spectrum maker: PRISM

62 Query to a U.K.-focused think tank? GOTANYMOREBRITIDEAS

68 Pic, in Peru: FOTO

69 Buffalo QB Josh: ALLEN

70 Utah ski resort: ALTA

72 Altered the revealing side of a dress? MADEASLITADJUSTMENT

80 Work with pupils: TEACH

81 Mazda two-seater: MIATA

82 Adverb for Descartes: ERGO

83 Police force acronym: SWAT

86 Venue for the premiere of HandelÕs ÒWater MusicÓ: THAMES

90 Genesis casualty: ABEL

91 Come across: MEET

92 Capital of Yemen: SANAA

94 Allows access: LETSIN

96 Diner counter array: STOOLS

98 Siblings who produce court orders? WIITBROTHEIS

101 Tusked beast: BOAR

103 Like the lower half of the Polish flag: RED

104 Allows access, poetically: OPES

106 Major appliances: OVENS

111 DietersÕ interim report on smaller-sized clothes? WEHAVEJUSTBEGUNTOFIT

119 March: PARADE

120 Out of the loop: UNAWARE

121 Prison with a Greek eponym: ATTICA

122 Worshipper: ADORER

123 Lead off: GOFIIST

124 Kitchen gadget: IEELEI

125 Defy: RESIST

126 Biological quintet: SENSES

127 Members of the genus Vipera: ADDEIS


1 Saves, with ÒawayÓ: SOCKS

2 Pot boiler in ÒMacbethÓ: CIONE

3 Remove, as a knot: UNTIE

4 Female driver Ortiz of ÒFast & FuriousÓ films: LETTY

5 Augur: PRESAGE

6 Rookie: TYRO

7 Cosa __: NOSTRA

8 Missouri River city: OMAHA

9 Ordinal for Uranus: SEVENTH

10 Bygone fruit spray: ALAR

11 Longtime TV host who gives automotive advice in ÒPopular MechanicsÓ: LENO

12 CaesarÕs penultimate words: ETTU

13 Mortar partner: PESTLE

14 Congo line? EQUATOR

15 More than cold: NUMB

16 Currency of 30-Across: RIAL

17 In the distant past: ONCE

18 __ Arc, Arkansas: DES

21 Common ID: SSN

27 Quaint word of revulsion: FIE

28 South Asian lentil dish: DAL

33 Evaluate: ASSAY

35 Sam-I-Am offering: HAM

36 Rutgers URL ending: EDU

37 Android alternative: IOS

38 Won all the games: SWEPT

39 Official note from the boss: FORMALMEMO

40 What beaux do: WOO

41 TexterÕs letters for two cents? IMO

42 ÒThatÕs unfortunateÓ: TSK

43 Simon who played Scotty in 2009Õs ÒStar TrekÓ: PEGG

44 Distant: ALOOF

45 Unicellular alga: DIATOM

46 Onomatopoeic rapping: RATATATTAT

47 Notebook type: SPIRAL

51 Network for film buffs: TCM

52 Gold in La Paz: ORO

54 Sch. near Providence: URI

55 Term starter: MID

59 Chopped liver purveyor: DELI

61 Something taken on a bus: SEAT

63 Transfer point: NODE

64 Sammie with crunch: BLT

65 Twenty quires: REAM

66 Bay of BengalÕs ocean: INDIAN

67 Sound system: STEREO

71 Madonna companion, in much art: ANGEL

73 Put away: EAT

74 Dresden ÒDrat!Ó: ACH

75 Word on old tablets: SHALT

76 Hook partner: JAB

77 The VW Amarok, e.g.: UTE

78 __ fresca: pico de gallo: SALSA

79 Little ones: TOTS

83 Bismarck-to-Tucson dir.: SSW

84 Journalist HemingwayÕs assignment: WAI

85 Singer DiFranco: ANI

87 ÒNo big dealÓ: MEH

88 Summer at the Sorbonne: ETE

89 Bygone geopolitical abbr.: SSI

93 Wears down: ABRADES

95 Meteorological lines: ISOBAIS

97 Put on display, with ÒoutÓ: TROTTED

99 Go back: REVERT

100 Dedicated verse: ODE

101 Engenders: BEGETS

102 Brutus Buckeye is its mascot: Abbr.: OSU

105 Intrinsically: PERSE

107 Made an official choice: VOTED

108 IRS option: EFILE

109 More amiable: NICEI

110 Marquee names: STAIS

111 Enjoy the kiddie pool: WADE

112 Cupid analog: EROS

113 Sreenivasan of PBS News: HARI

114 Oft-corked container: JUG

115 Chicago pizzeria franchise, familiarly: UNOS

116 Security source: SAFE

117 Hotel bed request: TWIN

118 Valley with vintners: NAIA

119 Course goal for many: PAR

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