LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 19 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 19 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 19 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Low poker pair: TWOS

5 Mus. key with three sharps: AMAJ

9 Nigerian seaport: LAGOS

14 Greet with fanfare: HAIL

15 Pizza Quick sauce brand: RAGU

16 "You've got a friend": ICARE

17 First name in scat: ELLA

18 Region where broadcast reception may be poor: FRINGEAREA

20 Mix: BLEND

22 Former Soviet leader Brezhnev: LEONID

23 Progress at a faster rate: FORGEAHEAD

26 Prefix with tourism: ECO

29 Navigation technology, briefly: GPS

30 Brooding genre: EMO

31 "Spartacus" Oscar winner: USTINOV

34 Bowler's pickup: SPARE

36 Amtrak express: ACELA

37 Army rank last conferred in 1950: FIVESTARGENERAL

42 Breakout game developer: ATARI

43 Pool triangles: RACKS

44 Sent a message, old-style: TELEXED

47 Rock's Ocasek: RIC

48 Grow older: AGE

51 Thorn __, former Virgin Records owner: EMI

52 Riot control weapon: TEARGASGUN

55 Arizona MLBers: DBACKS

58 Dig find: RELIC

59 Automatic functions in most cars, and what can be found in this puzzle's circles: GEARSHIFTS

63 "Ciao!": TATA

64 Take in eagerly: EATUP

65 Yule tune: NOEL

66 Saroyan's "My Name Is __": ARAM

67 Collaborative 1993 Sinatra album: DUETS

68 Looking like rain: GRAY

69 U. of Maryland athlete: TERP


1 Roald Dahl novel adapted as a 2016 Disney film: THEBFG

2 Big hit: WALLOP

3 Gretzky's first NHL team: OILERS

4 Word on the street? SLANG

5 Canine greeting: ARF

6 Tarnish: MAR

7 Like gymnasts: AGILE

8 Capital near Glacier Bay National Park: JUNEAU

9 Property claim: LIEN

10 Dark purple berry: ACAI

11 Plant custodian: GARDENER

12 Vein contents: ORE

13 Briny expanse: SEA

19 Neil Gaiman's "American __": GODS

21 Get rid of: DEEPSIX

24 Latin 101 verb: AMAT

25 Circle dance: HORA

27 Cuba libre mixer: COLA

28 Racecourse shape: OVAL

32 Chemicals carrier: TANKCAR

33 Treats, as a sprain: ICES

34 Drought-plagued: SERE

35 Get an "Oh no" from Alex Trebek, say: ERR

37 Inevitable end: FATE

38 Tabloid couple: ITEM

39 Stamp, as a passport: VALIDATE

40 Teri of "Tootsie": GARR

41 Vaping device, familiarly: ECIG

45 Mark on metal: ETCH

46 Puck-handling skill: DEKING

48 Shining brightly: AGLARE

49 Instrument for The Romeros, a classical quartet: GUITAR

50 Pitch tents: ENCAMP

53 Regarding: ASFOR

54 Tuned to: SETAT

56 Very dry, as Champagne: BRUT

57 Nile vipers: ASPS

59 H.S. dropout's test: GED

60 __ de cologne: EAU

61 Scone go-with: TEA

62 Surreptitious: SLY

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