LA Times Crossword answers Friday 19 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 19 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 19 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Adopted gradually, with "in": PHASED

7 Sandpiper family birds: SNIPES

13 One of two sound recommendations for a light sleeper? EARPLUG

15 Shunned one: PARIAH

16 African Queen, for one: STEAMER

17 "Don't doubt my abilities!": ICANSO

18 January temps, often: TEENS

19 Do lunch? CATER

21 London's __ Gardens: KEW

22 Longtime senator Thurmond: STROM

23 Battery parts: ANODES

25 History: PAST

26 Short on manners: RUDE

27 Fraternal order: ELKS

31 Coil in a garden: HOSE

32 Prepares for takeoff: TAXIES

34 Extravagant: BAROQUE


39 Buttonhole: ACCOST

40 Function: WORK

41 Campus figure: DEAN

42 Storytelling singer Guthrie: ARLO

43 Declared: SAID

47 Like some ornate doorways: ARCHED

50 Fixes tears: DARNS

51 Firepit residue: ASH

54 Speak publicly: ORATE

55 Advice from colleagues, say: INPUT

56 With 58-Across, savory base for a canapŽ ... and the function of a black square in four puzzle rows? CHEESE

58 See 56-Across: CRACKER

60 Afternoon service: TEASET

61 One held for ransom: HOSTAGE

62 Force (upon): IMPOSE

63 Allowed paid use of: LEASED


1 Pre-euro coin: PESETA

2 Critics who can't be pleased: HATERS

3 Childish denial: ARENOT

4 Jerk, e.g.: SPASM

5 West __: upscale store: ELM

6 Sufficient grounds for action, in law: DUECAUSE

7 Used bugs, perhaps: SPIED

8 Shell material: NACRE

9 Rollover acronym: IRA

10 __ lady: gin and grenadine cocktail: PINK

11 Fluency: EASE

12 Make an appearance: SHOW

14 Starbucks size: GRANDE

18 Baking powder amt.: TSP

20 Sock part: TOE

24 Hot message: SEXT

26 Beat decisively: ROUT

28 Lucy of "Kill Bill": LIU

29 Tennis great Rosewall: KEN

30 Orlando-to-Miami dir.: SSE

31 Main bases: Abbr.: HQS

32 Deere rival: TORO

33 Ararat craft: ARK

34 Shoddy: BAD

35 Top player: ACE

36 TV pioneer: RCA

37 Actress Chaplin: OONA

38 Utter nonsense: FOLDEROL

40 Deplorable sort: WRETCH

42 "Eureka!": AHA

43 Some decafs: SANKAS

44 Lanvin scent since 1927: ARPEGE

45 Accustomed (to): INURED

46 Summer hrs.: DST

48 Blush wines: ROSES

49 Minos' kingdom: CRETE

50 Formal decrees: DICTA

51 When Lear disowns Cordelia: ACTI

52 Young passenger on the 33-Down: SHEM

53 Rattletrap: HEAP

57 Spanish "that": ESO

59 Enzyme suffix: ASE

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