LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 19 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 19 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 19 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Barber's "Adagio for Strings" is in it: BFLATMINOR

11 Hits with a charge: ZAPS

15 Kerry Washington's "Scandal" role: OLIVIAPOPE

16 Jukebox opening: SLOT


18 Villa-studded Italian lake: COMO

19 Salon boards: EMERIES

20 One taking things literally? REPOMAN

22 Angry: HEATED

23 Part of a football game-ending tradition: GATORADE

24 Rear attachment: ENDER

25 Worked together: PARTNERED

26 Nailed, test-wise: ACED

27 "Rabbit ears" antennae, e.g.: DIPOLES

28 Pixie and flip: DOS

29 Wheat whackers: SICKLES

30 Poor: BAD

33 Washington team: HUSKIES

34 Goat-man of myth: FAUN

35 Rocks below bridges? NOSESTUDS

38 Cabinet member under Dubya: CONDI

39 See 43-Across: OLDCHAPS

40 "Clown Prince of Hip-hop" Biz __: MARKIE

41 Boards around the house: DECKING

42 Rocky Mountain rodents: MARMOTS

43 With 39-Across, "Listen up, lads": ISAY

44 Ones sniffing out trouble: CANINEUNIT

46 Reactor meltdown site: CORE

47 Old cooking show with a Creole theme: EMERILLIVE

48 Outcomes: ENDS

49 "Gotta split!": SEEYALATER


1 Unthinking, as a mistake: BONEHEAD

2 Spanish steps? FLAMENCO

3 Fruity refreshments: LIMEADES

4 Staved off: AVERTED

5 Larger, as a sum: TIDIER

6 Like gnus: MANED

7 Draft choices: IPAS

8 __ de guerre: NOM

9 Macbeth and Otello: OPERAROLES

10 Puts down new roots: RESETTLES

11 Standard deviation measures: ZSCORES

12 Baseball family name: ALOMAR

13 Salon stuff: POMADE

14 Hopped-up: STONED

21 Johnnycakes: PONES

23 Retailer specializing in youth fashion: GAPKIDS

25 Impromptu competition: PICKUPGAME

27 Golfer's yardage book data: DISTANCES

29 Bar food: SUSHI

30 "There's no doubt about this": BANKONIT

31 Hearing-related: AUDITIVE

32 River to the Black Sea: DNIESTER

33 "Why, sure!": HECKYES

34 Conventional writing method: FORMULA

35 "Uh-uh": NODICE

36 "Little House" antagonist Nellie __: OLESON

37 Digital camera insert, briefly: SDCARD

38 Steve of "Foxcatcher": CARELL

40 Craze: MANIA

42 Like wetlands: MIRY

45 Alumni newsletter word: NEE

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