LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 19 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 19 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 19 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Breaks in relations: RIFTS

6 Update cartographically: REMAP

11 Adorns with Charmin, for short: TPS

14 Basketball Hall of Famer __ Thomas: ISIAH

15 Sherlock Holmes' younger sister as depicted in a recent Nancy Springer book series: ENOLA

16 Hot temper: IRE

17 Using any available means: CATCHASCATCHCAN

20 He broke Babe's record in 1974: HANK

21 Tulip-to-be: BULB

22 Kitchen protection: MITTS

23 Rocks in a bar: ICE

24 "Miss Saigon" setting: NAM

25 Clear out: VACATE

26 A college applicant may have to write one: ESSAY

28 City on the Ruhr: ESSEN

31 Roman 151: CLI

32 Ella's forte: SCAT

34 Strain: TAX

35 Swiss Army knife's assortment: USES

36 Dashboard gauges: ODOMETERS

39 Go for a rebound: JUMP

42 Generation __: GAP

43 Opportunity metaphor: DOOR

45 Ike's WWII command: ETO

46 Heathcliff's love: CATHY

48 Future docs' exams: MCATS

51 Cassiterite, e.g.: TINORE

53 A-lister: VIP

55 Govt. mortgage agcy.: FHA

56 Golf goof: SLICE

57 Slangy sweeties: BAES

59 Stern's opposite: STEM

60 Novelty piano piece of 1921 ... and a hint to this puzzle's theme: KITTENONTHEKEYS

63 Skater Midori: ITO

64 Old Venetian coin: DUCAT

65 Havana's __ Castle: MORRO

66 Leb. neighbor: SYR

67 Soliloquy site: STAGE

68 Elizabeth of "WandaVision": OLSEN


1 Singer Lionel: RICHIE

2 Jason of "Harry Potter" films: ISAACS

3 Exercise goal: FITNESS

4 Thumb-pressed nail: TACK

5 Theater rebuke: SHH

6 Continue: RESUME

7 Ltr. insert: ENCL

8 Utah city with a Biblical name: MOAB

9 __-rock: music genre: ALT

10 Game with ghosts and a maze: PACMAN

11 Tiny breath mints: TICTACS

12 Talk nonsense: PRATTLE

13 Martial arts instructors: SENSEIS

18 Attorney's gp.: ABA

19 Juice box brand: HIC

24 Long-distance swimmer Diana: NYAD

25 Perturbed: VEXED

27 "Rent-__": 1988 film: ACOP

29 Curry of the NBA's Warriors: STEPH

30 Warmed the bench: SAT

33 Senate cover-ups? TOGAE

35 Dream Team org.: USOC

37 Yoga surface: MAT

38 Frolic: ROMP

39 Kawasaki watercraft: JETSKIS

40 The U in "SUV": UTILITY

41 Hall pass checker: MONITOR

44 Roof supports: RAFTERS

46 Belief systems: CREEDS

47 "The Big Fib" host __ Nicole Brown: YVETTE

49 "And __ off!": THEYRE

50 Biblical strongman: SAMSON

52 Fall mo.: OCT

54 Suffix like -like: ISH

57 Fla. resort: BOCA

58 Toilets for T.S. Eliot?: Abbr.: ANAG

59 Vodka brand that sounds like a toast: SKOL

61 Trail mix morsel: NUT

62 Fall Out Boy genre: EMO

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