LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 19 July 2017

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Los Angeles Times 19 July 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 19 July 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Lower in price: LESS

5 Try: TASTE

10 Nutmeg spice: MACE

14 Actor La Salle: ERIQ

15 Crams, with "up": BONES

16 Sea of __: Black Sea arm: AZOV

17 Innate talent: NATURALAPTITUDE

20 "Wicked Game" singer Chris: ISAAK

21 Shuttle flight phase: REENTRY

22 Broadcaster's transmission to affiliated stations: NETWORKFEED

25 "My gal" of song: SAL

26 Carpentry joints: MITERS

31 Barbecue accessory: SPIT

35 "I Put a Spell on You" singer Simone: NINA

38 Full range: GAMUT

39 Sharp-smelling air pollutant: NITROGENDIOXIDE

42 Writer of tales with talking animals: AESOP

43 Dental alternatives to pastes: GELS

44 Angers: IRES

45 Fireplace inserts: GRATES

47 Springfield presidential library nickname: ABE

49 Hardly any time at all: NOTHINGFLAT

56 Legendary Rhine siren: LORELEI

59 Cruller coating: GLAZE

60 With "The," Tchaikovsky work that ends with "Waltz of the Flowers": NUTCRACKERSUITE

63 Physics particle: ATOM

64 French term of endearment: CHERE

65 List component: ITEM

66 Tiny sound: PEEP

67 County near London: ESSEX

68 Mil. medals: DSCS


1 Russian Revolution leader: LENIN

2 Backspace, perhaps: ERASE

3 Occupy, as a desk: SITAT

4 __ Valley, Calif.: 1960 Winter Olympics site: SQUAW

5 Sched. uncertainty: TBA

6 Big name in ISPs: AOL

7 Wolf (down): SNARF

8 Conical shelter: TEPEE

9 Regard highly: ESTEEM

10 Damon of "We Bought a Zoo": MATT

11 Blue sky color, in Calais: AZUR

12 Showman Buffalo Bill: CODY

13 Morn's counterpart: EVE

18 Bygone theaters: RKOS

19 Spectrum shade: INDIGO

23 Jingled: RANG

24 __ light: filming tool: KLIEG

27 Roll along the runway: TAXI

28 Qatari ruler: EMIR

29 Far from polite: RUDE

30 Some Fr. martyrs: STES

31 Unexpected obstacle: SNAG

32 Harbor sight: PIER

33 "__ deal!": ITSA

34 Run leisurely: TROT

36 Storm direction: Abbr.: NNE

37 Dwight's opponent: ADLAI

40 Swiss army knife tool: OPENER

41 Copyright pg. ID: ISBN

46 Comfort in grief: SOLACE

48 Flan ingredients: EGGS

50 Computer repair experts: TECHS

51 Backpacking activities: HIKES

52 Transmission lubricant: FLUID

53 Milks, in Marseilles: LAITS

54 Tenochtitl‡n native: AZTEC

55 Abounds (with): TEEMS

56 Minstrel's instrument: LUTE

57 Plains native: OTOE

58 Law gp. that now only uses horses for ceremonial events: RCMP

60 Go out for a bit? NAP

61 Ode preposition: ERE

62 "Toy Story" dinosaur: REX

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