LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 19 July 2018

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Los Angeles Times 19 July 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 19 July 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 New England sch.: UMASS

6 Dominant: ALPHA

11 Chest protector: BIB

14 Up: RISEN

15 Stunt cyclist, e.g.: DARER

16 Valuable extraction: ORE

17 Exhale over scalding coffee? BLOWONSTEAM

19 Bit of muesli: OAT

20 Mariners' home, familiarly: SAFECO

21 Bilingual subj.: ESL

22 July 4th events, briefly: BBQS

23 Five-O cop: DANO

25 James or Jones of jazz: ETTA

27 Discontinue slanted material in articles? CUTOFFTHEBIAS

32 Letters of urgency: ASAP

34 Long of "In Too Deep": NIA

35 Broad neckwear: ASCOT

36 One in an airport queue: CAB

37 Talking points? PODIUMS

40 Memorable 1969 bride: ONO

41 Harry's Hogwarts nemesis: DRACO

43 Letters in an unfilled sched. slot: TBA

44 From the top: ANEW

45 Visit some animal shelter residents? CALLONTHEDOGS

49 Classroom "I know! I know!": OHOH

50 First name in country: REBA

51 Did a number: SANG

54 Small application: DAB

56 Ear inflammation: OTITIS

60 Fire: AXE

61 Delay passing a congressional bill? PUTOFFANACT

63 General Mills cereal: KIX

64 Metal giant: ALCOA

65 Debate topic: ISSUE

66 Id follower? EST

67 Conductor Zubin: MEHTA

68 Arms treaty subj.: NTEST


1 Cities, informally: URBS

2 Kunis of "Black Swan": MILA

3 Starting on: ASOF

4 Clinched: SEWEDUP

5 Treaded winter vehicle: SNOCAT

6 Wikipedia lacks them: ADS

7 Untimely? LATE

8 Like alarm clocks: PRESET

9 Part of HMO: HEALTH

10 Half of a very high price? ARM

11 Schmo: BOOB

12 Green Zone country: IRAQ

13 Action at the track: BETS

18 "That's all wrong!": NONONO

22 Streisand, in fanzines: BABS

24 "The Wizard __": OFID

26 They usually end up in hot water: TEAS

27 Plotting group: CABAL

28 Hill of country: FAITH

29 iPhone array: ICONS

30 Top-drawer: AONE

31 Stash: STOW

32 Adapter letters: ACDC

33 "Waitress" Tony nominee Bareilles: SARA

37 "Hunny" lover: POOH

38 Lyft alternative: UBER

39 Fashioned from: MADEOF

42 Heavy shoe: CLOG

44 Saying nay to: AGAINST

46 Plant root growth: NODULE

47 Pastoral roofing: THATCH

48 Get one's hands on: OBTAIN

51 Sushi go-with: SAKE

52 Allies' enemy: AXIS

53 Coming right up: NEXT

55 One in an UGG box: BOOT

57 Shock, in a way: TASE

58 Post-op areas: ICUS

59 "Leave it in" mark: STET

61 Bobby's wife on "Dallas": PAM

62 Pilot-licensing org.: FAA

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