LA Times Crossword answers Friday 19 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 19 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 19 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Martial arts move: CHOP

5 Lawrence with an eponymous college: SARAH

10 Oppressive atmosphere: PALL

14 Dynamic opening: AERO

15 British Columbia neighbor: IDAHO

16 Court contemporary of Bjorn: ILIE

17 That necessary morning cup of coffee? BREWEDAWAKENING

20 Persevere, with "on": SOLDIER

21 Great Society era, with "the": SIXTIES

22 [There's another doc]: ENC

23 "The X-Files" subjects: ETS

24 Prepare some fish for frying? BREADHERRINGS

31 Nashville awards org.: CMA

33 Very: REAL

34 Baku native: AZERI

35 Decided in court: RULED

38 Show set in Vegas: CSI

39 Discontinue: SEVER

40 Theater area with no seats: AISLE

41 Work with an Ethiopian princess: AIDA

43 Lea feeder: EWE

44 Good nickname for Stephen King? BRAINOFTERROR

48 Cedar Rapids campus: COE

49 __ canto: BEL

50 Truly enjoy something: EATITUP

54 Most beneficent: KINDEST

58 Part of the Hulk's healthy diet? BRUTEVEGETABLES

60 Lot measure: ACRE

61 See some sorority sisters, say: REUNE

62 One of Chekhov's "Three Sisters": OLGA

63 "__ Cassius has a lean and hungry look": YOND

64 Belgian expressionist James: ENSOR

65 Oenology datum: YEAR


1 Many have meters: CABS

2 Sub: HERO

3 Russian city: OREL

4 Ground material: POWDER

5 Cognac cocktail: SIDECAR

6 Month after Shevat: ADAR

7 Cold and damp: RAW

8 Signs of solutions: AHAS

9 Apt to use more corn? HOKIER


11 Et __: ALII

12 Black Friday likelihood: LINE

13 Durability metaphor: LEGS

18 German article: EINE

19 Epic film budget line: EXTRAS

24 Model material: BALSA

25 Dunkin' Donuts option: DECAF

26 Is charismatic: HASIT

27 Omit, in speaking: ELIDE

28 "Not happening": NEVER

29 Expanded: GREW

30 Royal address: SIRE

31 Food often served with a mallet: CRAB

32 Naturalist John: MUIR

36 Drew out: ELICITED

37 Indicate: DENOTE

42 Settler? ARBITER

45 Haydn's includes 106 symphonies: OEUVRE

46 "General Hospital" Emmy winner Sofer: RENA

47 Member of an exclusive network: OLDBOY

50 Major success of the dot-com bubble: EBAY

51 Oil acronym: ARCO

52 Dice roll, say: TURN

53 Hammer part: PEEN

54 Numbers game: KENO

55 Cosmo rival: ELLE

56 Phantasy Star Online publisher: SEGA

57 Bygone dynast: TSAR

59 Mouse in Disney's "Cinderella": GUS

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