LA Times Crossword answers Monday 19 June 2017

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Los Angeles Times 19 June 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 19 June 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Brawl: MELEE

6 See 27-Down: BOOKS

11 L.A. Galaxy's org.: MLS

14 Alpine climber's need: ICEAX

15 Asinine: INANE

16 Goal: AIM

17 Shrewd person, to a food critic? SHARPCOOKIE

19 African antelope: GNU

20 Hide: CONCEAL

21 Like skunks and zebras: STRIPED

23 Hitching post? ALTAR

25 44-Across VIP: KING

26 James Bond's school: ETON

29 Important person, to a food critic? BIGCHEESE

33 Prevent, as a robbery: THWART

36 Female neigh sayer: MARE

37 Betray: SELLOUT

39 Avian symbol of pride: PEACOCK

44 High school dance: PROM

46 Doze off: DROWSE

47 Despicable person, to a food critic? ROTTENEGG

52 Math average: MEAN

53 Fencing sword: EPEE

54 Witch trial town: SALEM

57 Impressive banquet displays: SPREADS

61 Acknowledged a military superior: SALUTED

65 Weeding tool: HOE

66 Lazy person, to a food critic? COUCHPOTATO

68 CIA forerunner: OSS

69 Vaudeville show: REVUE

70 "He loves me" piece: PETAL

71 Tetley product: TEA

72 Class-ending pair? ESSES

73 Rub off the page: ERASE


1 Uncategorized stuff: Abbr.: MISC

2 Repeat: ECHO

3 With the fat trimmed off: LEAN

4 Auditory passage: EARCANAL

5 Kick out: EXPEL

6 Where DNA tests are performed: BIOLAB

7 Singer Yoko: ONO

8 Acorn sources: OAKS

9 Make using yarn: KNIT

10 Reader of tea leaves: SEER

11 Member of the crow family: MAGPIE

12 White sale goods: LINENS

13 Blotch: SMUDGE

18 "Cool" hipster: CAT

22 President married to Mamie: IKE

24 Outer edge: RIM

26 Out-of-this-world beings, in brief: ETS

27 With 6-Across, records that might be "cooked": THE

28 Wise bird: OWL

30 Space: GAP

31 Rep on the street: CRED

32 When repeated, "Great speech!": HEAR

34 Weapon in Clue: ROPE

35 Spoil: TURN

38 Water-testing digit: TOE

40 Traveler to work: COMMUTER

41 Must pay: OWE

42 Civil War org.: CSA

43 Boy doll: KEN

45 Classic British sports cars: MGS

47 Did over, as a movie scene: RESHOT

48 Be against: OPPOSE

49 Revered Mother: TERESA

50 Casual top: TEE

51 Deep cuts: GASHES

55 Once around, in a race: LAP

56 Secretly tie the knot: ELOPE

58 Land parcel: ACRE

59 "Easy __ it!": DOES

60 Santa Fe and Tucson, in the auto world: SUVS

62 "Cheerio!": TATA

63 Greek vowels: ETAS

64 Give (out) sparingly: DOLE

67 Prompt on stage: CUE

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