LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 19 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 19 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 19 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Strong drink, and part 1 of a word ladder: DOUBLE

7 Kiss: BUSS

11 Injured, as a knee: BUM

14 Damage: IMPAIR

15 Private tutoring session: ONEONONE

17 Theater walkways: AISLES

18 Injured, as an ankle: SPRAINED

19 Cancels a dele: STETS

20 Tabloid item (part 2): COUPLE

21 The "S" of CSNY: STILLS

24 "No more sharing," briefly: TMI

25 Genetic material: DNA

28 Two-door cars (part 3): COUPES

30 1975 Tony-winning play about a stableboy: EQUUS

32 Former Boston commuter org.: MTA

35 Small, chirpy bird: WREN

36 Brunch order (part 4): CREPES

37 "It can't be!": OHNO

39 Unsuccessful Ford: EDSEL

41 Personal care brand with a bird in its logo: DOVE

42 Underground tombs (part 5): CRYPTS

44 Mining hauls: ORES

46 Circus safety feature: NET

47 Owl sounds: HOOTS

48 Arts' partner (part 6): CRAFTS

50 Piercing tool: AWL

51 Japanese assent: HAI

53 Sandal parts: STRAPS

56 Wanders (part 7): DRIFTS

59 Taxpayer's option: EFILE

61 Neckwear that makes a statement: POWERTIE

63 Older, as bread: STALER

64 Like the print version of an e-book, say: DEADTREE

65 Abrasion: SCRAPE

66 Cook in oil: FRY

67 Insolence: SASS

68 Work assignments ... and, preceded by 1-Across, the key to creating the word ladder (and part 8 of it): SHIFTS


1 Days in Quito: DIAS

2 Drops: OMITS

3 Hot and bothered: UPSET

4 Like Estonia and Latvia: BALTIC

5 Stays out of sight: LIESLOW

6 Trauma ctrs.: ERS

7 Pear variety: BOSC

8 Removes for transplanting: UNPOTS

9 Antitoxin: SERUM

10 Having more lather: SOAPIER

11 Took a refresher course in: BONEDUPON

12 Half of deux: UNE

13 __ school: MED

16 Zero, in soccer: NIL

22 Angling needs: LURES

23 Went like the wind: SPED

26 BŽisbol team complement: NUEVE

27 Desirable trait: ASSET

29 Belgian painter James: ENSOR

31 Logician's "as was proven": QED

32 Coffee flavor: MOCHA

33 Host, as a party: THROW

34 With no discernable pattern: ANYOLDWAY

36 Chin indentation: CLEFT

38 Back (out): OPT

40 Labeled times: ERAS

43 Warm-weather wear: TSHIRTS

45 Warm up before a run: STRETCH

48 Boston and Chicago: CITIES

49 "Green Hills of Africa" journey: SAFARI

52 Union that merged with SAG in 2012: AFTRA

54 Rice dish: PILAF

55 Snoozed: SLEPT

57 See 58-Down: RED

58 With 57-Down, loses one's cool: SEES

60 Part of a Spanish "to be" conjugation: ERES

61 Adobe doc suffix: PDF

62 Atop, poetically: OER

63 Griddle sound: SSS

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