LA Times Crossword answers Friday 19 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 19 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 19 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Shopping club: SAMS

5 Assist, in a way: ABET

9 With 43-Across, shipshape: NEAT

13 Settled: ALIT

14 __ parade: PRIDE

15 Folksy Burl: IVES

16 Pop opener: SODA

17 Golfing nickname: ARNIE

18 Mariner org.: NASA

19 What "You're not leaving me enough!" demonstrates? HEIRPRESSURE

22 Saddlebag carrier: ASS

23 __-been: HAS

24 __-Locka, Fla.: OPA

25 Obstacle for salmon: DAM

28 Rutgers' conference: BIGTEN

30 Tundra neighbor: TAIGA

32 Bit of intimacy in a crowd, briefly: PDA

34 J.R.R. Tolkien did some research for it: OED

35 Backup __: SINGER

36 Learning to live with your mistakes? ERRCONDITIONING

39 Lock shops? SALONS

40 Chihuahua neighbor: Abbr.: TEX

41 Hill builder: ANT

42 Ostentatious: SWANK

43 See 9-Across: ASAPIN

45 Artists Against Fracking co-founder: ONO

46 Pitcher feature: EAR

48 Cool relative: RAD

49 Bossy comeback: MOO

52 Malady caused by overexposure to a Bront‘ work? EYRESICKNESS

55 Preacher's support: AMEN

58 How much signing is done: ININK

59 Coup d'__: ETAT

60 Rocky __: ROAD

61 Tars: SALTS

62 Socially conscious: WOKE

63 Dieter's count: FATS

64 This, in Toledo: ESTO

65 Do some parasailing, say: SOAR


1 2000s White House girl: SASHA

2 Fleshy-leaved plants: ALOES

3 Modest skirts: MIDIS

4 Symbol for Macy's: STAR

5 Checked: ARRESTED

6 Storage aids: BINS

7 Tesla rival: EDISON

8 Prepare to swing: TEEUP

9 Important number in Sudoku grid construction: NINE

10 Actress Mendes: EVA

11 DDE rival: AES

12 "3-1-1" enforcement gp.: TSA

14 Perfect models: PARAGONS

20 21st of 24: PHI

21 There's often a colon in one: RATIO

25 "Mangia!": DIGIN

26 Deal maker: AGENT

27 Helgenberger of "A Dog's Journey": MARG

28 "Everything Tastes Better With __": Sara Perry cookbook: BACON

29 Fixes People, say: EDITS

31 Former U.N. chief: ANNAN

32 Shrimp kin: PRAWN

33 1964 Tony Randall title role: DRLAO

35 Gym developments: SIXPACKS

36 Exxon, formerly: ESSO

37 Perfectly pitched: ONKEY

38 Verbally assault: TEARINTO

43 Play areas: ARENAS

44 Texter's "Beats me": IDK

47 Come to light: ARISE

49 Empowerment hashtag: METOO

50 Universal Studios Japan home: OSAKA

51 Blender brand: OSTER

52 Purposes: ENDS

53 River sediment: SILT

54 It breaks quickly nowadays: NEWS

55 Bit of dogspeak: ARF

56 Bygone New Zealand bird: MOA

57 "Mangia!": EAT

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