LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 19 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 19 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 19 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Jazzes (up): PEPS

5 "Let's open a window": IMHOT

10 Musical riff: VAMP

14 Louver part: SLAT

15 Whistle blower: COACH

16 Retailer whose logo colors are the same as on its founder's national flag: IKEA

17 The con entered the bank under an __, ...: ASSUMEDIDENTITY

20 Sly critic: SNIPER

21 Became frothy: FOAMED

22 Fertility clinic supply: OVA

24 Prefix with content: MAL

25 Not agin: FER

26 Amazon snake: BOA

27 ... told the banker a __, ...: FABRICATEDSTORY

31 Catching a break: INLUCK

32 Iditarod runner: HUSKY

33 "High School Musical" extra: TEEN

34 Crouched behind a boulder: HID

35 This and that, say: PAIR

39 Jack of "The Great Dictator": OAKIE

42 Colorado's "Steel City": PUEBLO

44 ... opened an account with a __, ...: COUNTERFEITBILL

48 One in a tchr.'s key: ANS

49 Canadian whisky: RYE

50 Old call letters? MCI

51 "The Hollow Men" poet's monogram: TSE

52 Giggle: TEEHEE

54 It merged with CBS in 2019: VIACOM

56 ... and cashed a check with a __: FORGEDSIGNATURE

60 JFK part: Abbr.: INIT

61 Languid: INERT

62 Pic to click: ICON

63 Koppel and others: TEDS

64 "Long time __!": NOSEE

65 Like racehorses: SHOD


1 TV ad promoting water conservation, e.g.: PSA

2 Golfer Ernie from South Africa: ELS

3 Good enough: PASSABLE

4 Bowl over: STUN

5 Swell treatment? ICEPACK

6 Classic Ford: MODELA

7 Word with net or ball: HAIR

8 Anxious med. condition: OCD

9 American agents, familiarly: THEFEDS

10 CV, briefly: VITA

11 With hands on hips: AKIMBO

12 Night streaker: METEOR

13 Bright spot in the workweek: PAYDAY

18 Copycat: MIMIC

19 Language of Oslo, in Oslo: NORSK

22 Make the most __: OFIT

23 Barn topper: VANE

25 Clash of clans: FEUD

28 Sentence that should be two or more sentences: RUNON

29 Crook: THIEF

30 Laid-back sort: TYPEB

34 New employee: HIRE

36 Over the top: ABITMUCH

37 Societal woes: ILLS

38 What a hat may symbolize: ROLE

40 Trapped, after "up": ATREE

41 Entered: KEYEDIN

42 Salsa option: PICANTE

43 New York college town: UTICA

44 Tantrum: CATFIT

45 Pre-shoot-out score, perhaps: ONEONE

46 Cyberhandle: USERID

47 Political fugitive: EMIGRE

53 Driver's lic. stats: HGTS

54 Competes: VIES

55 Blues singer Redding: OTIS

57 __-cone: SNO

58 Hundred Acre Wood denizen: ROO

59 Apt answer for this puzzle location: END

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