LA Times Crossword answers Friday 19 March 2021

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Los Angeles Times 19 March 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 19 March 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Scrape remnant: SCAB

5 Get off topic: STRAY

10 Hurly-burly: ADO

13 Natural feeling: URGE

14 Sharing word: APIECE

15 Like the top stripe of a pride flag: RED

16 Analytical diagrams of Tuesday rush hour traffic in Paris? MARDIGRAPHS

18 "I've heard enough, thanks": TMI

19 Amazed feeling: AWE

20 Apt rhyme for "sincerely": DEARLY

21 Port SSE of Sana'a: ADEN

22 Sports shoe feature: CLEAT

24 "Hurrah!": YAY

25 Code opener: AREA

26 SoCal team: LAD

28 One of two tarot card groups: ARCANA

30 Deli favorite with a floral garnish? BAGELANDPHLOX

34 30-day mo.: APR

36 N.J. town across from northern Manhattan: FTLEE

37 "... __ he drove out of sight": Moore: ERE

38 Rodent that's a Broadway star? THEATERGOPHER

43 Charm: ENAMOR

44 Take advantage of: TAP

45 Japanese noodle: UDON

46 Leaves for dim sum: TEA

49 Easy to pick up: LIGHT

53 Rascals: IMPS

54 Come in: ARRIVE

56 Blintz topping: ROE

57 Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy org.: NBA

58 Mobile device for the unhip? SQUAREPHONE

60 Swampy spot: FEN

61 Get-go: OUTSET

62 "Cupcake Wars" fixture: OVEN

63 Some replacement sites, for short: ORS

64 Greeted wordlessly: WAVED

65 Forms a union: WEDS


1 Shrub often toxic: SUMAC

2 Pub __: CRAWL

3 Feel the same way: AGREE

4 Board companion: BED

5 Mist: SPRAY

6 Headwear for kid-lit's Fancy Nancy: TIARA

7 Comeback: REPLY

8 In some pain: ACHY

9 "I'd be glad to": YES

10 Buyer and seller of oils: ARTDEALER

11 Conduct: DEMEANOR

12 Frigga's husband: ODIN

14 Notable period: AGE

17 Luggage attachment: IDTAG

21 Aqueduct support: ARCH

23 __ mode: ALA

25 Strasbourg-born Dadaist: ARP

27 Schedule for later: DEFER

28 More than competent: ADEPT

29 Tool in the Portland Timbers' logo: AXE

30 Bakery containers: BREADPANS

31 Copier tray abbr.: LTR

32 Eighth-grade subj., often: ALG

33 Modernist: NEO

34 Enjoyed a lot, with "up": ATE

35 Chemistry class measurement (it's 5 for this puzzle's grid): PHNUMBER

39 Book after Joel: AMOS

40 It may be gross: TON

41 Simona who won Wimbledon in 2019: HALEP

42 Prefix with Pen: EPI

46 Channel for reality show fans: TRUTV

47 Backspace over: ERASE

48 Broadcast: AIRED

50 Trees of a kind, often: GROVE

51 Improved: HONED

52 Typical winter highs at the summit of Mt. Washington: TEENS

53 Facts and figures: INFO

54 Teal relative: AQUA

55 Nov. honoree: VET

58 Barnyard mom: SOW

59 Method: HOW

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