LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 19 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 19 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 19 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Chunk: GOB

4 Arizona city within the Coconino National Forest: SEDONA

10 Medical capacity measure: BEDS

14 It includes the study of roots: ARITHMETIC

16 Go: EXIT

17 Profile: SILHOUETTE

18 Saharan republic: CHAD

19 Fireplace accessory: POKER

20 Get out of the cooler, with "for": POSTBAIL

22 Cautions: ALERTS

24 "For sure!": YOUBET

26 Save, in a way: REDEEM

27 Walking area in a Depression Era novel: WILDSIDE

29 Pressed: IRONED

31 "Tundra" series coolers, e.g.: YETIS

32 Some four-legged toys, informally: POMS

35 Ancient Greek physician: GALEN

37 Philippic: RANT

38 __ horizon: astrophysics boundary: EVENT

40 Patsy: STOOGE

42 Fortresses: REDOUBTS

44 Binging: ONAJAG

48 One of Willie Mays' MLB career 140: TRIPLE

49 It separated from Serbia in 2008: KOSOVO

50 Something to check before picking up: CALLERID

54 Relocation figure: MOVER

55 Cuba libre mixer: COLA

56 It features exquisite settings: FINEDINING

58 Arabian Sea nation: OMAN

59 Buttering-up: EGOMASSAGE

60 2012 U.S. Open champ Simpson: WEBB

61 Breakfast pastry: DANISH

62 Conducted: LED


1 Cr�che figure: GASPAR

2 Camden Yards athlete: ORIOLE

3 Cheated: BILKED

4 Like Teller, vis-ˆ-vis Penn: SHORTER

5 Cassowary kin: EMU

6 __ dive: DEEP

7 "The Simpsons" bus driver: OTTO

8 Quibbles: NITS

9 Radical in vinegar: ACETYL

10 Nonspecific and terse response to "Why?": BECAUSEREASONS

11 It might be the murder weapon: EXHIBITA

12 Firing on all cylinders: DIALEDIN

13 Normal: Abbr.: STD

15 Bad news about options: THEREISNOPLANB

21 Shampoo ad buzzword: BODY

23 Pollution portmanteau: SMOG

25 Check: TEST

27 Paintball mementos: WELTS

28 Prefix with gram or graph: IDEO

30 Tweed's caricaturist: NAST

32 Fresh: PERT

33 Verklempt: OVERCOME

34 On-campus area for communications majors: MEDIALAB

36 Common library area: NOOK

39 Rock's Jethro __: TULL

41 Like some garden figures: GNOMISH

43 Bellyached: BEEFED

45 Festive: JOVIAL

46 Retaliate for: AVENGE

47 Consumed in large amounts: GORGED

51 European capital on its own gulf: RIGA

52 Privy to: INON

53 "Give Your Heart a Break" singer Lovato: DEMI

55 Strong-arm: COW

57 Brief brief filers: DAS

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