LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 19 May 2018

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Los Angeles Times 19 May 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 19 May 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Begin another chapter, e.g.: WRITE

6 Gets high at a moment's notice? JETSETS

13 Country name on "The Woman in Me": SHANIA

14 Cell package: DATAPLAN

15 Suppressed guffaw: TITTER

16 Art using locks: JIUJITSU

17 Verbalize: UTTER

18 Double over? FOLD

19 Grave: TOMB

20 Bit of tintinnabulation: PEAL

21 NBA great __ Olajuwon: HAKEEM

23 MIT mentors: RAS

24 Lilly of pharmaceuticals: ELI

25 Insert into an email, as a video: EMBED

26 Buckets: ATON

28 Hard-boiled genre: FILMNOIR

30 Self-titled 2001 album: JLO

31 Voter's choices: YESORNO

32 Worried about losing one's place? JEALOUS

36 Spree: JAG

37 Source of trial figures: JURYLIST

38 Asian genre influenced by The Beatles: JPOP

40 Throws out: JUNKS

41 Debt-laden Wall St. deal: LBO

42 Small Indian state: GOA

43 Hardware with elongated heads: TBOLTS

45 Awestruck: AGOG

46 Game with a 2210 A.D. edition: RISK

48 Et __: ALIA

49 Arcade giant: ATARI

50 Retirement obstacle: INSOMNIA

52 Hint at, with "to": ALLUDE

53 Dessert analog to turducken: PIECAKEN

54 Puts on: STAGES

55 George Carlin was the first, briefly: SNLHOST

56 Firefighter, at times: HOSER


1 Slight fiction: WHITELIE

2 Faddish '80s-'90s hairstyles: RATTAILS

3 Agents' gathering: INTEL

4 Level with fans: TIER

5 __ trumpet: EAR

6 Given a sentence to complete: JAILED

7 Manuscript with dense notes? ETUDE

8 Part of a historic 19-Across name: TAJ

9 Hot rod? SPIT

10 Corrida combatant: ELTORO

11 Eponymous explorer of Australia: TASMAN

12 Intentionally overlooks: SNUBS

13 Make one's eyes pop out: STUPEFY

14 Nickname for tennis star/prankster Novak Djokovic: DJOKER

18 Icon often pictured with wind-blown hair: FABIO

21 Chinese ethnic group: HMONG

22 Ringgit spenders: MALAYS

25 Unable to look away: ENRAPT

27 Passing charge: TOLL

29 Magical power: MOJO

30 Yanks: JERKS

32 Post-fall cabal: JUNTA

33 Pressure indicator: OILGAUGE

34 Part of it was a 2016 campaign issue: USBORDER

35 Cheap smokes: STOGIES

37 Assange of WikiLeaks: JULIAN

38 Hum along, say: JOININ

39 Scores, with "a": PASSEL

40 City where Jake Blues was in prison: JOLIET

42 Some movie set techs: GRIPS

44 Hold-up targets: BANKS

45 Hold-up man? ATLAS

47 "Mayor" author: KOCH

49 One not often hitting the high note: ALTO

51 Leader with a jacket named for him: MAO

52 Elastic wood: ASH

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