LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 19 November 2016

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Los Angeles Times 19 November 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 19 November 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Diagnostic aid: TISSUESAMPLE

13 ESPN game show where four expert panelists compete debate-style: AROUNDTHEHORN

15 "42" subject: JACKIEROBINSON

17 Water __: SKI

18 Gets ready to eat, in a way: NUKES

19 Key of Beethoven's Sym. No. 7: AMAJ

21 Clipped affirmative: YESM

23 Other: Pref.: HETERO

25 Scary story sound: CREAK

28 One of a prohibitive septet: SIN

31 Industry bigwigs: CZARS

32 Hide out, with "down": HUNKER

34 School offering belts: DOJO

36 Get: NAB

37 Rihanna album whose title is a common prefix: ANTI

38 Cosmic balance: KARMA

40 Analogy part: ISTO

41 An ace is under it: PAR

42 Desert bordering the Altai Mountains: GOBI

43 Mitt with ten fingers: ROMNEY

45 "Luck Be __": "Guys and Dolls" song: ALADY

47 Smoking evidence: ASH

49 Shuffles, say: IPODS

50 Firming (up): TONING

52 Italian recipe word: ALLA

54 User of recording devices called quipus: INCA

55 WWII conference city: YALTA

58 Home of MLB's Redbirds: STL


65 Early U.S. Navy flag motto: DONTTREADONME

66 Likely to be returned: MISADDRESSED


1 Persian for "crown": TAJ

2 Subjects of IRS Pub. 590: IRAS

3 Belt: SOCK

4 Japanese hot pot dish: SUKIYAKI

5 Athlete's wear, for short: UNI

6 Idyllic settings: EDENS

7 Toys with strings? STRUMS

8 "I see now": AHOK

9 "Leave __!": MEBE

10 Trey Anastasio's band: PHISH

11 Chaney of the screen: LON

12 Imitation: ERSATZ

14 Unequivocal rejection: NOMEANSNO


20 Alcott's "Little Men" sequel: JOSBOYS

22 __ out a victory: EKE

24 Prefix with tourist: ECO

25 Indian flatbread: CHAPATI

26 Words with a dismissive wave: RUNALONG

27 Unable to look away: ENTRANCED

29 Actor __ Elba of "The Wire": IDRIS

30 French handle? NOM

33 "Citizen Kane" studio: RKO

35 Shake up: JAR

39 Old hoops org.: ABA

40 Thick paint applications: IMPASTOS

42 OB/__: GYN

44 Sautéing substance: OIL

46 Unicellular alga: DIATOM

48 Abomination: HATRED

51 "Peer __ Homecoming": Grieg work: GYNTS

53 Rapper: LAMAR

56 Mennen skin product: AFTA

57 Voldemort's title: LORD

59 Cookie containers: TINS

60 __-Tokoin Airport: Togo hub: LOME

62 Pasta ending: INI

63 Soft drink ending: ADE

64 Young adult fiction author Vizzini: NED

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