LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 19 November 2020

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Los Angeles Times 19 November 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 19 November 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Inaugural class MLB Hall of Famer: COBB

5 Gift basket option: FRUIT

10 Groanworthy humor: CORN

14 Certain something: AURA

15 Sunken ship finder: SONAR

16 Jai __: ALAI

17 Dominic West alma mater: ETON

18 Tot's ache spot: TUMMY

19 1933 Banking Act creation: Abbr.: FDIC

20 Pouch: SAC

21 Brother of Aaron: MOSES

22 Like some survey questions: YESNO

23 Turkish title: AGA

24 Is __: likely will: APTTO

25 Sapporo rival: ASAHI

26 Brought back, in titles: REDUX

28 Performed: DID

30 Had the role of: WAS

31 Mo. in which Oktoberfest begins: SEP

32 Add: APPEND

35 Abbr. in some vineyard names: STE

36 Steak go-with, perhaps, and a hint to 10 puzzle answers: SIDESALAD

39 "Rugrats" infant: DIL

42 Trudeau's country: CANADA

43 Night school subj.: ESL

46 Job listing inits.: EOE

47 "__ dreaming?": AMI

48 Behave badly: ACTUP

50 Line of cut grass: SWATH

52 Lacking one's A game: NOTON

56 Enero begins it: ANO

57 Mickey Mantle's number: SEVEN

58 Reads quickly: SKIMS

59 Tatami, e.g.: MAT

60 Watches closely: EYES

61 Prize money: PURSE

62 Pocket often filled: PITA

63 Churn: ROIL

64 Metallic sound: CLANG

65 Hand or foot: UNIT

66 Cat food flavor: TUNA

67 Naples staple: PASTA

68 __ Bell: TACO


1 "The fault ... is not in our stars" speaker: CAESAR

2 Power losses: OUTAGES

3 Fashionable fabric in the Italian Renaissance: BROCADE

4 Make illegal: BAN

5 Nikon setting: FSTOP

6 Boot from bed: ROUST

7 Yet to be satisfied: UNMET

8 "There's no getting out of this one": IAMSODEAD

9 Handle in court: TRY

10 Cappuccino sellers: CAFES

11 Adages: OLDSAWS

12 Gear for a drizzle: RAINHAT

13 From a coastal French city: NICOISE

21 Highest degree: MAX

22 One-third of et cetera? YADDA

27 Happy times: UPS

29 Visiting the Griffith Observatory, say: INLA

32 Counting Crows frontman Duritz: ADAM

33 Cape Cod, e.g.: PENINSULA

34 Pro bono TV spot: PSA

37 Billionaire business mogul Carl: ICAHN

38 Tenth mo. in the original Roman calendar: DEC

39 It's usually downed last: DESSERT

40 "Next one's on me": IOWEYOU

41 Keep as part of the manuscript: LEAVEIN

44 Legs: STAMINA


48 Q&A part: Abbr.: ANS

49 Ingredient in the Irish dish colcannon: POTATO

51 Model S manufacturer: TESLA

53 Veggies whose seeds can be roasted and ground to make coffee: OKRAS

54 Quaint denial: TISNT

55 __-3 fatty acids: OMEGA

61 Angel dust letters: PCP

62 Knock, with "down": PUT

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