LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 19 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 19 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 19 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Unlike this clue, obviously: LAST

5 Driving force? MOTOR

10 Bar regulars, and then some: SOTS

14 Bible book before Romans: ACTS

15 One-named singer with 10 Grammys: ADELE

16 William of "Broadcast News": HURT

17 Does well at the casino? BREAKSEVEN

19 On: ATOP

20 URL ending: COM

21 Bridge call: AHOY

22 Hang loosely: DRAPE

23 Star's statuette: OSCAR

25 Cereal box factoid: NETWEIGHT

28 Mushroom cloud makers: ATESTS

30 Pale: WAN

31 __ shadow: EYE

32 Tip to one side: TILT

33 Etiquette expert Baldrige who was Jackie Kennedy's social secretary: LETITIA

37 Concert finale ... and what 17-, 25-, 50- and 60-Across have in common: CLOSINGNUMBER

41 Comes back with: REPLIES

42 Hardly scads: ADAB

44 Beer choice, briefly: IPA

47 Part of un mes: DIA

48 Ready for the piano recital: INTUNE

50 Opera house level: MEZZANINE

54 "Ugh!": YECCH

55 Climbed aboard: GOTON

56 Some Neruda poems: ODES

58 Hawaiian tuna: AHI

59 Snack since 1912: OREO

60 Bullied: BROWBEATEN

63 Musée Marc Chagall city: NICE

64 Ancient Greek region: IONIA

65 Conversation piece? WORD

66 __ chair: EASY

67 Minute: TEENY

68 Archer of myth: EROS


1 Researcher's garb: LABCOAT

2 Puzzle with a quote: ACROSTIC

3 Recent medical research subject: STEMCELL

4 Org. operating full-body scanners: TSA

5 Prepare, as avocados for guacamole: MASH

6 Ancient theater: ODEON

7 "Tradition" singer: TEVYE

8 "Bravo!": OLE

9 "You eediot!" speaker of cartoons: REN

10 Ventriloquist Lewis: SHARI

11 Delighted state? OUTAGE

12 Prize in a case: TROPHY

13 Fla. city: STPETE

18 Go-__: KART

22 Overalls material: DENIM

24 Financier aboard the Titanic: ASTOR

26 Strong string: TWINE

27 1960s dance: WATUSI

29 Add sneakily: SLIPIN

34 China's Zhou __: ENLAI

35 "In Here, It's Always Friday" letters: TGI

36 Diminish: ABATE

38 Enterprise choice: SEDAN

39 Academic figure: EDUCATOR

40 Southwestern farm owner: RANCHERO

43 Rear ends: BEHINDS

44 "See ya!": IMGONE

45 Everycity, USA: PEORIA

46 Tenochtitl‡n natives: AZTECS

49 Where to see IBM and JNJ: NYSE

51 Deschanel of the musical duo She & Him: ZOOEY

52 Whom to trust, in "The X-Files": NOONE

53 Astronomer Hubble: EDWIN

57 PayPal's former parent: EBAY

60 Morsel: BIT

61 Salmon eggs: ROE

62 More than impress: AWE

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