LA Times Crossword answers Friday 19 October 2018

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Los Angeles Times 19 October 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 19 October 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Trendy: ALAMODE

8 No longer outstanding: REPAID

14 Catch-22: PARADOX

15 "Am I the problem?": ISITME

16 Physician for Dickens' Miss Havisham? SPINSTERDOCTOR

18 Morales of "Ozark": ESAI

19 Canada's Buffy Sainte-Marie, by birth: CREE

20 Math functions: SINES

22 Fleur de __: sea salt: SEL

23 Clever remarks: MOTS

24 Sedate: CALM

25 Station for exercisers on wheels? HAMSTERRADIO

29 Earth tone: OCHER

32 Ancient colonnade: STOA

33 "Disgusting!": ICK

34 Diamond figure: RHOMBUS

37 Play seriously: COMPETE

39 "... this night, being __ my head": Shak.: OER

40 Hideout: LAIR

42 Soft touch: PATSY

43 Expert guard dog? MASTERBARKER

47 Foil relative: EPEE

48 Couple: DUAD

49 Andean stew veggie: OCA

52 Rapper Ice Cube's first name: OSHEA

54 Clothes to clean: WASH

55 Zipcar parent company: AVIS

56 Cool cat's affectionate friends? HIPSTERHUGGERS

59 Texas oil city: ODESSA

60 State: ENOUNCE

61 Waver: TEETER

62 Computer input: DATASET


1 Stained glass settings: APSES

2 Slip: LAPSE

3 Type similar to Helvetica: ARIAL

4 Nail treatment: MANI

5 Has too much: ODS

6 One involved in a memorable "bubble": DOTCOM

7 Puts forth: EXERTS

8 Tease: RIDE

9 Juan's "that": ESO

10 Selfies, e.g.: PICS

11 Ancient region ruled by Athens: ATTICA

12 Small portion explanation: IMONADIET

13 Ones neglecting their duties: DERELICTS

17 Score marks: RESTS

21 Soul singer Robinson's debut album: SMOKEY

23 Material for Michelangelo's "David": MARBLE

25 Train bottom: HEM

26 Series-ending abbr.: ETC

27 Pal of Piglet: ROO

28 Stepped (up): RAMPED

29 Words from a balcony: OROMEO

30 Unsportsmanlike conduct: CHEAPSHOT

31 Baseball, in old slang: HORSEHIDE

35 Former Mideast gp.: UAR

36 Member of the fam: SIB

38 __ value: PAR

41 Control tower device: RADAR

44 Mobile home? TEEPEE

45 Hurried: RUSHED

46 Islands VIP: KAHUNA

49 Some Viking appliances: OVENS

50 "Odyssey" sorceress: CIRCE

51 Plus: ASSET

53 Kind of D.A.: ASST

54 Diminish slowly, with "off": WEAR

55 Líquido para café: AGUA

57 "The Cocktail Party" monogram: TSE

58 Grasped: GOT

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