LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 19 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 19 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 19 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 In the thick of: AMID

5 "Honey, I __ the Kids": 1989 comedy: SHRUNK

11 Brown bag staple, initially: PBJ

14 Waves from the back of a boat: WAKE

15 Like some sandpaper: COARSE

16 Sam Adams, e.g.: ALE

17 Flickered-out flames? EXES

18 "24" analyst Chloe __: OBRIAN

19 Operate: RUN

20 Good thing to have for a change? DIAPERBAG

22 A lot: OFTEN

24 Judith of "Down Home": IVEY

25 Diplomat's post: EMBASSY

27 Reacted to a really bad pun, perhaps: WINCED

30 Thrash about: FLAIL

31 Think tank output: IDEAS

32 South African grassland: VELD

33 Place to bowl: LANE

37 Hunk of bacon, say: SLAB

38 Flood deterrent: LEVEE

39 Like a Frappuccino: ICED

40 Severe criticism: HELL

41 Word with teen or golden: AGER

42 Nab in a trap: SNARE

43 The Ellery Queen Award is one: EDGAR

45 Mideast or Midwest: REGION

46 Motorcyclist's invitation: CLIMBON

49 "You're gonna need a bigger boat" movie: JAWS

50 Biblical prophet: HOSEA

51 Apple known by its first three letters: MACINTOSH

56 Notable period: ERA

57 Words to live by: CREDOS

59 R&B's India.__: ARIE

60 Actress de Armas: ANA

61 Light, as a fire: KINDLE

62 Demolish: RAZE

63 Bench press muscle, briefly: PEC

64 Barflies: SOUSES

65 Winter ride: SLED


1 Blown away: AWED

2 Calf-covering skirt: MAXI

3 DIY furniture brand: IKEA

4 Movie with Minions: DESPICABLEME

5 Got a run home: SCORED

6 Avocation: HOBBY

7 __ avis: RARA

8 "Spoon-bender" debunked by the Amazing Randi: URIGELLER

9 Code-breaking org.: NSA

10 Jedi Master Obi-Wan ___: KENOBI

11 Repair bill heading: PARTS

12 B.B. King genre: BLUES

13 Female donkey: JENNY

21 12/24 and 12/31: EVES

23 Meteors, and what three Down answers aptly contain: FALLINGSTARS

26 Manufactured: MADE

27 Genie's offering: WISH

28 Run without moving: IDLE

29 "Hud" Oscar-winner Patricia: NEAL

30 Flu symptom: FEVER

32 Diner list for animal product avoiders: VEGANMENU

34 Antioxidant berry: ACAI

35 Old Roman fiddler: NERO

36 Eve's first home: EDEN

38 Italy's Como, per esempio: LAGO

42 Fixed with thread: SEWN

44 Arizona MLBers: DBACKS

45 Workers' rewards: RAISES

46 Inexpensive: CHEAP

47 "SNL" producer Michaels: LORNE

48 Author Asimov: ISAAC

49 Rapper with the 2013 #1 album "Born Sinner": JCOLE

52 Also includes: ADDS

53 Face-to-face exam: ORAL

54 XL or L, but not LX: SIZE

55 Take to heart: HEED

58 Brazil metropolis: RIO

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