LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 19 September 2017

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Los Angeles Times 19 September 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 19 September 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "More or less" suffix: ISH

4 Rose and fell on the waves: BOBBED

10 Tax pros: CPAS

14 Cohort of Larry and Curly: MOE

15 Not widely understood: ARCANE

16 Boffo review: RAVE

17 Extemporaneous, as a speech: OFFTHECUFF

19 Theater honor: OBIE

20 "Firework" singer Perry: KATY

21 Near-perfect bridge feat: SMALLSLAM

23 Amigo: PAL

26 Liam of "Michael Collins": NEESON

27 Appointed White House overseer: CHIEFOFSTAFF

32 __ Vegas: LAS

33 Peaceful: CALM

34 Dalai Lama's homeland: TIBET

38 Planets, in poems: ORBS

40 Not suitable for military service ... or an apt description of 17-, 27-, 49- and 64-Across: FOURF

43 Thick book: TOME

44 Salami type: GENOA

46 Nevada senator Harry: REID

48 Red wine choice, for short: ZIN

49 Laundry service option: FLUFFANDFOLD

53 '60s dance craze: WATUSI

55 Opus __: "The Da Vinci Code" sect: DEI

56 DJ known for playing novelty tunes: DRDEMENTO

59 Surrealist Salvador: DALI

63 Geological age: AEON

64 Beanstalk giant's chant: FEEFIFOFUM

67 Unclothed: BARE

68 Like bears: URSINE

69 Alias, on police blotters: AKA

70 List of appts.: SKED

71 English writer Edward Bulwer-__: LYTTON

72 "Oedipus __": REX


1 "Didn't hurt a bit!": IMOK

2 Living room seat: SOFA

3 Lift with effort: HEFT

4 Scoff from Scrooge: BAH

5 Calif. neighbor: ORE

6 Covertly sends an email dupe to: BCCS

7 "The Wizard of Oz" author: BAUM

8 __ terrible: difficult child, in French: ENFANT

9 Rid of parasites, as a dog: DEFLEA

10 Multi-discipline strength-training program: CROSSFIT

11 Painter Picasso: PABLO

12 Like many nest-builders: AVIAN

13 Look (like): SEEM

18 Tap out a text, say: TYPE

22 Departed: LEFT

24 N.Y. Jets' org.: AFC

25 Bread shape: LOAF

27 Bathtub blockage: CLOG

28 Cocksure Aesopian racer: HARE

29 Library ID: ISBN

30 Mel's Diner waitress: FLO

31 Blue toon: SMURF

35 Memorable clown: BOZO

36 Disney's "__ and the Detectives": EMIL

37 See to: TEND

39 Began to melt: SOFTENED

41 Stephen of "Michael Collins": REA

42 Locate: FIND

45 Grad: ALUM

47 Pres. before JFK: DDE

50 Beneficial: USEFUL

51 Fancy duds: FINERY

52 Pal of Rover: FIDO

53 Perpetrate, as havoc: WREAK

54 Love to pieces: ADORE

56 Pats gently: DABS

57 Exam: TEST

58 "Think nothing __": OFIT

60 Many miles off: AFAR

61 "Use the Force, __": LUKE

62 Big-screen format: IMAX

65 Masculine Italian suffix with bamb-: INO

66 Marshland: FEN

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