LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 19 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 19 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 19 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Barista's concoction: BLEND

6 Domino dots: PIPS

10 Rotating rod: SPIT

14 Construction rod: REBAR

15 Square __: ROOT

16 Skirt with a flounce: TUTU

17 Tall display of dishwashing liquid? IVORYTOWER

19 MiG developer: USSR

20 Wee: TINY

21 Soy sauce taste: UMAMI

22 Sleuth of radio, movies and TV: CHAN

23 Sitcom star from Melmac: ALF

25 Sticker: DECAL

27 Global donation of dishwashing liquid? JOYTOTHEWORLD

32 Set in a golf bag: IRONS

34 TV exec Arledge: ROONE

35 Barcelona bear: OSO

36 Short dog, for short: PEKE

37 Or so: ABOUT

38 1956 crisis site: SUEZ

39 Chest-beating beast: APE

40 Darts: FLITS

41 Slow, to Ravel: LENTE

42 Rock band's preferred dishwashing liquid? DAWNOFTHEDEAD

45 "Supergirl" actor Jon: CRYER

46 It can be thin but not fat: AIR

47 Glance through: SKIM

48 Goaded, with "on": EGGED

52 Seed used in smoothies: CHIA

56 "O brawling love! O loving __!": Romeo: HATE

57 Using dishwashing liquid in the shower? SUNBATHING

59 "__ that a lot": IGET

60 One likely to snap: CRAB

61 Spree: BINGE

62 Like everything in a she shed: HERS

63 Ballpark figure: OUTS

64 Aconcagua's range: ANDES


1 Pram pusher: BRIT

2 Son of Leah: LEVI

3 Black, to a bard: EBON

4 Zero, quaintly: NARYAONE

5 Martini specification: DRY

6 Dance with a queen: PROM

7 Captain Kirk's home state: IOWA

8 Common greeting card content: POEM

9 Far from soothing: STRIDENT

10 Masonry finish: STUCCO


12 "Everything's ready to go!": ITSALLSET

13 Chance at the spinner: TURN

18 Clump of dune grass: TUFT

24 Fleur-de-__: LYS

26 Baa ma: EWE

27 One whose work is laughable: JOKEWRITER

28 Heavenly path: ORBIT

29 Gear bit: TOOTH

30 Word with hot or dog: HOUSE

31 Zonk out: DOZE

32 Tablet with Air, Pro and Mini models: IPAD

33 Update the look of, as a product: REPACKAGE

37 Like some bistros: ALFRESCO

38 1957 Coasters chart-topper with the refrain "Gonna find her": SEARCHIN

40 Opponent: FOE

41 Fragrant chain: LEI

43 MLB team with Mr. and Mrs. mascots: NYMETS

44 Duchamp genre: DADA

47 __ Tzu: SHIH

49 Trusted advisor: GURU

50 Pesky bug: GNAT

51 Goes back: EBBS

53 Rear: HIND

54 "Picnic" playwright: INGE

55 Forever: AGES

58 Placeholder abbr.: TBA

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