LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 19 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 19 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 19 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 On the move: ASTIR

6 At least four yrs. old, for cognac: VSOP

10 TV series for 17 seasons: NCIS

14 Like much of the first movement of the "Moonlight" Sonata: PIANISSIMO

16 Bit of ceramic cookware: OLLA

17 Cold complication: BRONCHITIS

18 Goes to court? WOOS

19 What Kim might call Khloé: SIS

20 Weather report word: HIGHS

21 Trick users, in a way: PHISH

22 Texter's signoff: TTFN

23 Most roguish: SLIEST

25 Brit's Bordeaux: CLARET

28 Menace, feline-style: HISSAT

29 Duel purpose? HONOR

30 Rain gear preservers: BOOTTREES

33 Latin lamb: AGNUS

34 Per, baby name that's far more popular when "a" is added to it: ANN

35 Airy spaces: ATRIA

36 Having two equal-length legs: ISOSCELES

38 French darling: CHERI

39 Like many renewals: YEARLY

40 Expressed disapproval of: CHIDED

41 Road hog? HARLEY

42 French wood: BOIS

43 Humor, e.g.: GENRE

44 Cantina breakfast component: HUEVO

46 Old gum mach. inserts: CTS

49 Not pizzicato: ARCO

50 Hot flower: MOLTENLAVA

52 Spa offering: PEEL

53 Objection to hustling: DONTRUSHME

54 Being of old Rome: ESSE

55 "__ yes!": ISAY

56 Tsukiji Market fish offerings: TUNAS


1 Some PD calls: APBS

2 "Hey" assistant: SIRI

3 Sangre de Cristo Mountains resort: TAOS

4 Comfort, e.g.: INN

5 Shaky measurement standard? RICHTERSCALE

6 Churchill trademark: VSIGN

7 Jedi nemesis: SITH

8 They may be intentional: OMISSIONS

9 Bldgs. with boxes: POS

10 "Listen up!": NOWHEARTHIS

11 Sheltered from the outside world: CLOISTERED

12 Response to a beating: ILOST

13 Dress uniform part: SASH

15 Loose-fitting dress: SHIFT

21 Green ice cream tidbit: PISTACHIONUT

22 Male opera character played by a female performer: TROUSERROLE

24 Amphibious WWII craft: LST

25 Masala-flavored drink: CHAI

26 Mill input: LOGS

27 Travel delays, say: ANNOYANCES

28 Certain cell contents: HONEY


31 Word on an Irish euro: EIRE

32 Spoken: SAID

37 "Maid of Athens, __ we part ... ": Byron: ERE

40 Charge to get in: COVER

41 Toast portion: HERES

42 January's "Mad Men" character: BETTY

43 Hang open: GAPE

45 It's usually longer than a radius: ULNA

46 Four-time Oscar-winning lyricist: CAHN

47 Rating for a show with lots of oaths: TVMA

48 MS enclosures: SAES

50 When Michelangelo began "David": MDI

51 Sch. on Shaq's résumé: LSU

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