LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 2 April 2020

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Los Angeles Times 2 April 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 2 April 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Egyptian god with an ibis head: THOTH

6 One who crosses the line: SCAB

10 Blight-stricken tree: ELM

13 "Donnie Brasco" actress Anne: HECHE

14 Flap: TODO

15 Corp. leaders: CEOS

17 Lay to rest: INTER

18 With 42-Across, part of a psychologist's battery: RORSCHACH

20 Seven-time Wimbledon winner: GRAF

21 Wisconsin city on the Mississippi: LACROSSE

22 HDTV part, for short: HIDEF

24 They may be civil: RIGHTS

25 Singing stars: DIVAS

27 "60 Minutes" regular: STAHL

31 Strong brew: ALE

34 Deadly: LETHAL

37 West Point team: ARMY

38 Prom adornment: CORSAGE

40 Hear about: LEARNOF

42 See 18-Across: TEST

43 Stella __: Belgian beer: ARTOIS

45 DŸsseldorf direction: OST

46 Hard work: SWEAT

48 Bridge seats: EASTS

50 __ Zee: Hudson River area: TAPPAN

53 Divine fluid: ICHOR

57 Laszlo Kreizler, in a Caleb Carr novel: ALIENIST

60 Nylons: HOSE

61 Scream-evoking horror film technique ... and a hint to what's hiding in five puzzle rows: JUMPSCARE

63 Broadway orphan: ANNIE

64 US Open stadium namesake: ASHE

65 Surrealist Paul: KLEE

66 Paragon: MODEL

67 It may be gross: TON

68 Barrie pirate: SMEE

69 Leaders of industry: CZARS


1 Fried chicken choice: THIGH

2 Painter __ de Toulouse-Lautrec: HENRI

3 Two quartets: OCTAD

4 Jay Powell chairs it: THEFED

5 That girl: HER

6 Orchestra sect.: STR

7 Not very friendly: COOLISH

8 "What __": "Ho-hum": ADRAG

9 Amazon crime series based on Michael Connelly novels: BOSCH

10 Satellite communications giant: ECHOSTAR

11 Grazing sites: LEAS

12 Soft shoes: MOCS

16 That girl: SHE

19 Old PC monitors: CRTS

23 Adidas rival: FILA

24 Yelp user, say: RATER

26 Brightest star in Lyra: VEGA

28 River of Pisa: ARNO

29 Gps. with copays: HMOS

30 Ride-sharing option: LYFT

31 Ballet divisions: ACTS

32 Early movie mogul: LOEW

33 Gaelic language: ERSE

35 Take out __: ALOAN

36 Island rings: LEIS

39 Fox River, in TV's "Prison Break": STATEPEN

41 Spot of wine? ASTI

44 Source of a homeopathic oil: TEATREE

47 They may be fake: TANS

49 Slangy nose: SCHNOZ

51 Chooses: PICKS

52 Church song: PSALM

54 Passport producer: HONDA

55 Willow twig: OSIER

56 Lively dances: REELS

57 "The Birth of a Nation" actress __ Naomi King: AJA

58 A deadly sin: LUST

59 "If u ask me": IMHO

62 Shoebox letters: EEE

63 "Breaking Bad" network: AMC

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