LA Times Crossword answers Friday 2 April 2021

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Los Angeles Times 2 April 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 2 April 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Honshu drama: NOH

4 Words before a recap: ASISAID

11 Audi rival: BMW

14 Boise-to-Billings dir.: ENE

15 "Raging Bull" boxer: LAMOTTA

16 Infamous Vietnam War site, My __: LAI

17 "Take my advice: no use crying over spilled milk ... ": WHATSDONEISDONE

20 Compact part: MIRROR

21 Greet warmly: SHOWIN

22 Spumante source: ASTI

23 PC core: CPU

26 Spot to get a bite on the street: CAFE

27 Rockets' org.: NBA

28 Low cloud: STRATUS

32 Two-__: half-price opportunity: FER

33 Pouch: SAC

34 With 36-Across, "There's no going back ... ": YOUCANT

35 Ship letters: USS

36 See 34-Across: CHANGETHEPAST

39 Brewery vessel: KEG

40 Celestial feline: LEO

41 Snoots put them on: AIRS

45 Other, in Oaxaca: OTRO

48 "Put everything behind you ... ": FORGETABOUTIT

53 Sigma follower: TAU

54 Shorebirds related to stilts: AVOCETS

55 Crux: NUB

57 Cards: WITS

59 Up on the latest: AWARE

60 Sax type: ALTO

61 "And look ahead.": ITSTIMETOMOVEON

64 Force featured on "Bosch," for short: THELAPD

65 "So close!": NICETRY

66 Oodles: TONS

67 They often take turns: CARS


1 __ Own Organics: NEWMANS

2 Where "The Man With the Hoe" carried the world, in an Edwin Markham poem: ONHISBACK

3 Great sadness: HEARTACHE

4 Plus: ALSO

5 Iraq's __ City: SADR

6 Brief "I think": IMO

7 Oceanus, to Gaia: SON

8 Snacked: ATE

9 "How sweet __!": ITIS

10 Sprint: DASH

11 Lose it: BLOWAFUSE

12 Public policy declaration: MANIFESTO

13 Cookout fare: WIENERS

18 One less than tetra-: TRI

19 OB or ENT: DOC

23 Rock's MÅ¡tley __: CRUE

24 Formal agreement: PACT

25 Four Corners state: UTAH

28 Roget entry: Abbr.: SYN

29 Dress, with "up": TOG

30 Le Monde article: UNE

31 Auto additive with a red oval logo: STP

37 Seaweed product: AGAR

38 Quite often: ALOT

42 Supermarket chain with a red oval logo: IGA

43 Overhauls: REVAMPS

44 Put away: STOWED

45 Titania's Husband: OBERON

46 Serving as a symbol: TOTEMIC

47 Fin. neighbor: RUS

48 Loyalty: FAITH

49 Start: OUTSET

50 "Human beings ... may hide their feelings, but __ does not": Hemingway: ACAT

51 Fjords, e.g.: INLETS

52 Teach privately: TUTOR

53 Foolish sort: TWIT

56 Superskinny: BONY

58 Battle of Normandy town: STLO

60 Claim: AVER

62 Actor McKellen: IAN

63 Andean root vegetable: OCA

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