LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 2 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 2 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 2 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Lose it: GONUCLEAR

10 Malleable: BENDY

15 One of two in a historic 1869 Utah meeting: IRONHORSE

16 Desensitize: INURE

17 Coloring of some papers? MEDIABIAS

18 Former birds only found on Mauritius: DODOS

19 Fluid obstacles: MOATS

20 In this way: THUS

22 French military cap: KEPI

23 Projection, e.g.: Abbr.: EST

24 Fancy, in slang: PRIMO

25 One-named fashion icon: IMAN

26 Lunar dark spot: MARE

28 1930s J.B. Rhine coinage, briefly: ESP

30 Uncanny: ODD

31 Branch-dwelling rainforest reptile: TREEBOA

34 Eleventh-hour: DOORDIE

36 Hardly reputable: SEAMY

37 Defiant admission: SUEME

38 Proves: ATTESTS

41 Kept on riding: HASSLED

43 Lab sound: ARF

44 Quote qualifier: SIC

45 2021 Pac-12 champs: UTES

46 Muck: GOOP

48 Word before hack or jack: PHONE

50 "Never to suffer would never to have been blessed" writer: POE

53 French for "unbleached": ECRU

54 Spill the beans: SING

55 Herringbone, e.g.: TWILL

57 Paris possessive: NOTRE

59 Required network announcement: STATIONID

61 Dwarf, with "over": TOWER

62 Presidential carrier that flew with an all-women crew for the first time in 2009: MARINEONE

63 Gin berries: SLOES

64 Intelligence boss: SPYMASTER


1 Very short putt, in golf lingo: GIMME

2 Snack brand with a 2012 100th-anniversary "Daily Twist" campaign: OREOS

3 Wordlessly greet: NODAT

4 Class division: UNIT

5 Cartoonist Addams: CHAS

6 Throw to a tot: LOB

7 Horn of Africa country: ERITREA

8 Tokyo brewer: ASAHI

9 Picked up: RESUMED

10 Raise a paddle, perhaps: BID

11 Ramen morsel: ENOKI

12 Uncovered subject: NUDEMODEL

13 Rat (on): DROPADIME

14 "You know it!": YESINDEED

21 Passable: SOSO

24 Country club employee: PRO

26 Social media spreader: MEME

27 Tartarus, in Greek myth: ABYSS

29 Group that follows a star? POSSE

31 Users of travelers' checks? TSAAGENTS

32 Back in after going out: RETROCOOL

33 Dine expectantly? EATFORTWO

35 Actor William of "Boy Meets World": RUSS

39 Informed advice: TIPS

40 Great divides: SCHISMS

41 Liszt's homeland: HUNGARY

42 Had a fast break? ATE

47 Blender button: PUREE

49 Coming up soon: ONTAP

50 Cab alternative: PINOT

51 QB protectors, in football lingo: OLINE

52 Senior: ELDER

55 Amy's mid-2000s "Weekend Update" partner: TINA

56 Burdens: WOES

58 TV drama settings: ERS

60 South Carolina senator Scott: TIM

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