LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 2 August 2017

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Los Angeles Times 2 August 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 2 August 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Cold shoulder: SNUB

5 Track competition: MEET

9 Multitudes: SLEWS

14 "Red" nuisance: TAPE

15 Spitballs, to class clowns: AMMO

16 One-named "Tik Tok" singer: KESHA

17 Ineffectual exec: EMPTYSUIT

19 "The Addams Family" actor John: ASTIN

20 Itty-bitty: WEE

21 A time to dye: EASTER

23 Final check? MATE

24 Await with trepidation: DREAD

26 A-list: ELITE


33 Bagel flavor: ONION

36 Like overly graphic tabloid stories: LURID

37 Padre's hermana: TIA

38 Keystone State Ivy: PENN

39 Purple shade: LILAC

40 Prepare to travel: PACK

41 Tiny amount: TAD

42 Topples (over): KEELS

43 Tough spots: FIXES

44 Self-important sort: STUFFEDSHIRT

47 Multitude: FLOCK

48 Spiteful: CATTY

51 Logician's word: ERGO

52 Pago Pago resident: SAMOAN

56 Fish often smoked: EEL

58 "Live at __": The Who album: LEEDS

60 Traitors: TURNCOATS

62 Jackie's predecessor: MAMIE

63 Smallest bills: ONES

64 Massive landmass inhabited by masses: ASIA

65 Trapshooting: SKEET

66 Japanese soybean paste: MISO

67 End of Oktober? FEST


1 Crock-Pot concoction: STEW

2 Pointed a finger at: NAMED

3 Word with cut or crust: UPPER

4 Get into the pool? BET

5 Ancient fortress overlooking the Dead Sea: MASADA

6 Flightless birds: EMUS

7 Put out: EMIT

8 Reusable grocery bag: TOTE

9 Jamaican genre: SKA

10 "Fantine's Arrest" B'way show: LESMIZ

11 It's put on heirs: ESTATETAX

12 Chinese side dish: WHITERICE

13 Playing with a full deck: SANE

18 Hanker (for): YEARN

22 Archaeological treasure: RELIC

25 Ian Fleming's alma mater (and the school that expelled James Bond): ETON

27 Youngster: LAD

29 Coming-clean declaration: ILIED

30 Breaks in the action: LULLS

31 Full of chutzpah: BRASH

32 Fifth Avenue landmark: SAKS

33 Makes a decision: OPTS

34 Slob's opposite: NEATFREAK

35 "If you would be so kind": INDULGEME

39 Vichyssoise veggies: LEEKS

40 Keystone State univ.: PITT

42 Chain whose website has a "Find a Colonel Near You" feature: KFC

43 Former French capital: FRANC

45 Gastronome: FOODIE

46 "Just watch me!": ICANSO

49 Kid around with: TEASE

50 Himalayan legends: YETIS

51 Trees with ovate leaves: ELMS

53 Elementary bit: ATOM

54 Bond category, for short: MUNI

55 Mining hauls: ORES

57 Test for a future atty.: LSAT

59 Filming site: SET

61 Big, clumsy type: OAF

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