LA Times Crossword answers Friday 2 August 2019

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Los Angeles Times 2 August 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 2 August 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Center of the Milky Way? CARAMEL

8 Calder creation: STABILE

15 First state, in a way: ALABAMA

16 Journey's end: ARRIVAL


19 Once, in olden days: ERST

20 2000 Bell Atlantic acquisition: GTE

21 Slashed pronoun: HESHE

22 Suspect: PRESUME


33 Seed-to-be: OVULE

34 LAX calculation: ETA

35 Energy source: ATOM

36 They might help you change your position: WANTADS

39 Prepare for coating, as aluminum: ANODIZE

41 Within: Pref.: ENTO

42 Land of Freud: Abbr.: AUS

44 Scrooge: MISER


49 Beat by a hair: NOSEOUT

50 Wheat species that's also a British past tense: SPELT

54 Article in Bonn: DER

55 Fraternity activity: RUSH


63 Like answers that lower test scores: INERROR

64 Pre-owned item: USEDCAR

65 Top-rated TV show of 1984-'85: DYNASTY

66 WWII vessels: PTBOATS


1 Source of tweets ... or growls: CAGE

2 Defunct fruit coating: ALAR

3 Barrels into: RAMS

4 Help the bad guys: ABET

5 Big mouth: MAW

6 Political refugee: EMIGRE

7 Barista's output: LATTES

8 Understood: SAW

9 Start to cycle? TRI

10 Many a Middle-earth combatant: ARCHER

11 Eco-friendly carrier: BIKE

12 Composer Charles: IVES

13 Plastering strip: LATH

14 Other than this: ELSE

18 1946 Literature Nobelist: HESSE

22 __ bargain: PLEA

23 Sports gp. that originally had "Lawn" in its name: USTA

24 Nasty: MEAN

25 Knocked the socks off: WOWED

26 Grand Prince of Moscow, 1328-'40: IVANI

27 Litters' littlest: RUNTS

28 John of music: ELTON

29 "Barbarella" director Roger: VADIM

30 Formal identification: ITISI

31 Deceive: COZEN

32 Board at one's fingertips: EMERY

37 How "The Banana Boat Song" begins: DAYO

38 Fills in: SUBS

40 Drop: OMIT

43 Soft leather: SUEDE

46 Takes the stage: ENTERS

47 Becomes harder to afford: GOESUP

48 Legal scholar: JURIST

50 Came out with: SAID

51 Inconsequential: PUNY

52 Early banishment site: EDEN

53 Pre-Euro currency: LIRA

55 Start from scratch: REDO

56 Donald, to Huey, Dewey and Louie: UNCA

57 "Get lost!": SCAT

58 "... nor shall ever see that face of __ again": Lear: HERS

60 Excluding: NOT

61 Shout: CRY

62 Syr. neighbor: LEB

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