LA Times Crossword answers Friday 2 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 2 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 2 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Test: ASSAY

6 Law degs.: JDS

9 While-__: repair shop sign words: UWAIT

14 Art critic's phrase, literally: STYLE

15 Calendar pg.: OCT

16 NBA's Jackson et al.: PHILS

18 "10" co-star: DEREK

19 Send out: EMIT

20 Pamplona's municipality: NAVARRE

22 Big stain: SPLOTCH

24 Israeli border lake: DEADSEA

28 "Doubt it": NAH

29 Theme park near Dallas, literally: SIXFLAGS

30 "Conan" channel: TBS

33 Dayan of Israel: MOSHE

35 Giants manager before Bochy: ALOU

37 Like non-oyster months, traditionally: RLESS

39 Ration (out): DOLE

40 Changes one's ways, literally: TURNS

42 "The Deep" director Peter: YATES

44 Bottom line: NET

46 Closing sequence: XYZ

48 They're often numbered: STREETS

49 Bench warmers? JURISTS

53 Loss of speech: APHASIA

55 Drive-__: THRU

56 Before, in Brest: AVANT

59 Tumbles out of control, literally: FALLSHEAD

61 "In the Bedroom" Oscar nominee: TOMEI

62 PassŽ: OUT

63 "Surprise Symphony" composer: HAYDN

64 Big tees: XLS

65 Matrix, e.g.: ARRAY


1 Some jennies: ASSES

2 Baffle: STUMP

3 Prophetess: SYBIL

4 Longtime Dodger manager: ALSTON

5 Still: YET

6 Whale of a guy? JONAH

7 Half of MCDX: DCCV

8 Most constant: STEADIEST

9 Kite aid: UPDRAFT

10 Cajoled: WHEEDLED

11 Whistle blower? AIR

12 Key for Fauré? ILE

13 "For shame!": TSK

17 Run at the end: ANCHOR

21 "Toy Story" dinosaur: REX

23 Highland lid: TAM

25 Ancient Germanic invader: SAXON

26 Even, in ƒvian: EGALE

27 Valuable team member: ASSET

29 Field unit: SHEAF

30 Byes: TATAS

31 Not sharp: BLUNT

32 More ticked: SORER

34 Cunning: SLYASAFOX

36 Still breast-feeding: UNWEANED

38 __ orientation: SEXUAL

41 Ignored the alarm: SLEPTIN

43 Civil war site since 2011: Abbr.: SYR

45 E. African land: ETH

47 Dulcimer kin: ZITHER

49 Crushes an altar ego? JILTS

50 Utter: SHEER

51 Part of a skipping refrain: TRALA

52 Like some heads: SUDSY

54 King anointed by Samuel: SAUL

56 Sports fig.: ATH

57 U.S. govt. broadcaster: VOA

58 Acker of "Person of Interest": AMY

60 Doo-wop syllable: SHA

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