LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 2 December 2017

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Los Angeles Times 2 December 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 2 December 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Stay in the big house: SERVETIME

10 Beach pretender: HODAD

15 [Yawn]: INEEDANAP

16 Many a Studio Ghibli film: ANIME

17 Fund for incidentals: PETTYCASH

18 Character who dances on the beach at Stavros: ZORBA

19 Supporting: PRO

20 Evil skill: SORCERY

22 Talbot Jr. or Sr. on "Rectify": TED

23 Obstacles on the set: EGOS

25 Confident response to "Your opponent is ready": SOAMI

26 Funeral rite heap: PYRE

27 Poet Thomas: DYLAN

29 "Baby Blues" baby: WREN

30 Maranjab Desert country: IRAN

31 Empty out badly? ROB

33 Repertoire: ARSENAL

35 Skeleton's place? CLOSET

38 Do maintenance on, as a putting green: AERATE

39 Card carrier: LANYARD

41 Convene: SIT

42 Chill (with): HANG

43 Kate of "House of Cards": MARA

45 Grouses: CARPS

49 Welding sparks: ARCS

50 Better: AMEND

52 Tar on the ocean: SALT

53 Compete: VIE

54 Like free-range chickens: UNCAGED

56 West of Tinseltown: MAE

57 Country album? ATLAS

59 History buff's artifacts: AMERICANA

61 Tearful queen: NIOBE

62 Big brother, often: ROLEMODEL

63 First chips: ANTES

64 Chaotic places: SNAKEPITS


1 Nursed: SIPPED


3 Overhaul the plant: RETOOL

4 Old hand: VET

5 Dessert company founded in 1928: EDYS

6 Shells from stands: TACOS

7 Sequentially: INAROW

8 It runs in the shower: MASCARA

9 Short-lived things: EPHEMERA

10 Indistinct: HAZY

11 Noted resident of The Dakota in Manhattan: ONO

12 Singer? DIRTYRAT

13 Pale order: AMBERALE

14 Tone down: DEADEN

21 Washes out: RINSES

24 South Seas cover-ups: SARONGS

26 They're beaten at parties: PINATAS

28 Intrusive: NOSY

32 Tough guy's exhortation: BEAMAN

34 Church of country: ERIC

35 Allergy sufferer's choice: CLARITIN

36 Legendary court figure: LANCELOT

37 Mine carriers: TRAMCARS

40 "As if!": DREAMON

42 Caribbean city with cocotaxis: HAVANA

44 German chancellor Merkel: ANGELA

46 City west of Baghdad: RAMADI

47 Mercury, e.g.: PLANET

48 Bargains beyond belief: STEALS

51 Teammate of Mariano for 19 years: DEREK

54 Exploits: USES

55 Small change: DIME

58 #16, familiarly: ABE

60 Booking agent? COP

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