LA Times Crossword answers Friday 2 February 2018

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Los Angeles Times 2 February 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 2 February 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 __ Lake, village near Lake Placid: SARANAC

8 Skedaddles: BEATSIT

15 Somewhat off: ABITODD

16 "Choose!": YESORNO

17 Come through: DELIVER

18 Poker holding: TWOPAIR

19 A or O: ALER

20 Easy pace: LOPE

22 Clipper trio: MASTS

23 "Ninja Scroll" genre: ANIME

25 Domain introduced in 2001: BIZ

26 Rod Stewart's "__ May": MAGGIE

29 Shuttle site: LOOM

31 Affirmative act: NOD

34 Outlying community: EXURB

35 Tesla, e.g.: AUTO

36 "Not a chance": NOPE

37 "Zorba the Greek" Oscar winner Kedrova: LILA

38 Bottom of a food chain? MCJOB

39 Abruzzi bell town: ATRI

40 Fertile soil: LOAM

41 Picasso output: ARTE

42 Mar. honoree: STPAT

43 "r u kidding?!": OMG

44 Team that pulls for you: OXEN

45 Like an earworm: CATCHY

46 Peugeot's 208 or 308, e.g.: GTI

47 Tony winner Menzel of "Wicked": IDINA

49 Feature of many a Hawaiian restaurant: LANAI

52 Cast off: EMIT

53 Olympian queen: HERA

57 Lock-picking tool: SLIMJIM

59 Bar exhortation ... and a hint to how to answer five puzzle clues: DRINKUP

61 Highest: TOPMOST

62 Consoles: SOLACES

63 Bun seeds: SESAMES

64 Request at a bar: ONEMORE


1 Actress Thompson: SADA

2 Doomed shepherd: ABEL

3 Irk: RILE

4 Tequila, triple sec and lime juice: ATIRAGRAM

5 Sweet Potato Awareness Mo.: NOV

6 Emperor relative: ADELIE

7 Jewel box item: CDROM

8 Eight bits: BYTE

9 "Ick!": EEW

10 Champagne and orange juice: ASOMIM

11 Utah's state gem: TOPAZ

12 Mmes. across the Pyrenees: SRAS

13 Down but not out: INIT

14 Rocky hills: TORS

21 Bourbon, water, sugar and garnish: PELUJTNIM

24 Bird's bill: NIB

25 Bonehead: BOOB

26 __ Yello: MELLO

27 Assumed truth: AXIOM

28 Soviet labor camp: GULAG

30 Oklahoma tribe: OTOE

31 Sometimes offensive, briefly: NOTPC

32 Dr. Phil was her frequent guest before getting his own show: OPRAH

33 Eros or Eos: DEITY

35 Real estate parcel: ACRE

36 Whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters: NATTAHNAM

38 Dress style: MAXI

42 __ Salvador: SAN

44 White rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water and garnish: OTIJOM

45 Pomelo relative: CITRON

46 Beta follower: GAMMA

48 Playground comeback: DIDSO

49 Amphibious assault transports, for short: LSTS

50 Botanical balm: ALOE

51 Bites playfully: NIPS

52 911 response gp.: EMTS

54 Kitchen gadget brand: EKCO

55 One with second thoughts: RUER

56 Abbey area: APSE

58 British author's conclusion? ISE

60 Terre dans la mer: ILE

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