LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 2 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 2 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 2 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Morse code component: DASH

5 John Wick, for one: HITMAN

11 Wedding reception VIPs: DJS

14 Puerto Rico, por ejemplo: ISLA

15 Blueprint: SCHEMA

16 Legendary bird of prey: ROC

17 *Carpe diem: SEIZETHEDAY

19 Rap sheet letters: AKA

20 "Zip your lip!": CANIT

21 Lust or greed: SIN

22 "And how!": AMEN

23 *Be the first to begin: GETAHEADSTART


29 Mom's mom: NANA

30 Extended pd. away from work: LOA

31 Notable period: ERA

33 Commercial charge: ADFEE

37 U.K. network: BBC

38 *Party gifts container: GRABBAG

41 Coffee dispenser: URN

42 Invite for: ASKTO

44 Aggregate: SUM

45 Container cover: LID

46 Escape clauses: OUTS

49 Letters in alphabet soup: NOODLES

52 *Act in desperation: GRASPATSTRAWS

56 Retinal cells: RODS

57 Fannie or Ginnie follower: MAE

58 Silently understood: TACIT

61 Dismissal metaphor, with "the": AXE

62 Familiar slogan ... and what each answer to a starred clue is? CATCHPHRASE

65 A-lister: VIP

66 Wind instruments: FLUTES

67 Biter on a pooch: FLEA

68 Nonetheless: YET

69 Corporate jet maker: CESSNA

70 Hide partner: SEEK


1 Frisbee, for one: DISC

2 Befuddled: ASEA

3 Shoe with a strap that nearly encircles the ankle: SLINGBACK

4 More smoke-filled: HAZIER

5 FDR's successor: HST

6 German pronoun found in half of Munich? ICH

7 What we have here: THESE

8 Highway divider: MEDIAN

9 Actress Seales of "Insecure": AMANDA

10 Opposing vote: NAY

11 Emmy category: DRAMA

12 Phoenix's 2019 Best Actor role: JOKER

13 Few and far between: SCANT

18 "At Last" singer James: ETTA

22 Hardly any: ATAD

24 Taiwanese PC maker: ACER

25 Queen of Olympus: HERA

26 Reel trouble: SNAG

27 Napoleon's 1814 place of exile: ELBA

28 Unruly crowds: MOBS

32 Tummy muscles: ABS

34 Comprehensive: FULLSCALE

35 Shallowest Great Lake: ERIE

36 Goals: ENDS

38 Rise, as prices: GOUP

39 Batter's job in a squeeze play: BUNT

40 Eros, in Rome: AMOR

43 Discard: TOSS

47 Husk-wrapped cantina food: TAMALE

48 Something to update on Facebook: STATUS

50 Solemn vow: OATH

51 "Whistle While You Work" septet: DWARFS

52 Turkey topper: GRAVY

53 "Chicago" showgirl Hart: ROXIE

54 Highly skilled: ADEPT

55 Splinter groups: SECTS

59 Understanding words: ISEE

60 Hardwood tree: TEAK

62 Ozone-depleting chemical: CFC

63 Farm layer: HEN

64 Free TV spot: PSA

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