LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 2 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 2 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 2 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Epsilon followers: ZETAS

6 Reference: CITE

10 Apple tablet: IPAD

14 Reason for a food recall: ECOLI

15 River Severn tributary: AVON

16 Violin holder: CASE

17 Old will? SHALT

18 Actress Krakowski of "30 Rock": JANE

19 Gaelic language: ERSE

20 Fuss: TODO

21 Seat for a hooligan? PUNKROCKER

23 Violinist Isaac who performed the solos in the movie "Fiddler on the Roof": STERN

25 Whirl: GYRATE

26 Fast watercraft: JETSKI

28 Editor's concern: STYLE

30 Kitchen gadget brand: OXO

31 Ready for a refill: EMPTY

33 Pulitzer-winning writer James: AGEE

37 Dalmatian marking: SPOT

39 Pals, slangily: PEEPS

41 MLBer Manny who was a Dodger coach for 34 seasons: MOTA

42 Bagel center: HOLE

43 Cleaned, in a way: SWEPT

45 USPS unit: LTR

46 Many Wikipedia articles: LISTS

49 More than you want to hear, probably: EARFUL

51 Put aside: SHELVE

54 Open-mouthed stares: GAPES

55 Seat for a gala attendee? PARTYCHAIR

58 Mop: SWAB

61 Gillette razor: ATRA

62 Indian royal: RAJA

63 "Mostly Ghostly" series author: STINE

64 Poet Silverstein: SHEL

65 Panache: ELAN

66 Reddish-brown dye: HENNA

67 Cooked: MADE

68 Smartphone receipt: TEXT

69 Beaten by a nose, say: EDGED


1 Pizzazz: ZEST

2 It'll come back to you: ECHO

3 Seat for an amphibian? TOADSTOOL

4 Gives in portions: ALLOTS

5 Dog command: SIT

6 Louisiana cuisine: CAJUN

7 Author Turgenev: IVAN

8 Honky-__: TONK

9 One side of an Einstein equation: ENERGY

10 It may be in a cone: ICECREAM

11 Winter warmer: PARKA

12 Strong suit: ASSET

13 Caterpillar rival: DEERE

21 Gussy up: PRIMP

22 Olive __: OYL

24 Squeeze (out): EKE

26 "Milk" Oscar nominee Brolin: JOSH

27 Trade show: EXPO

28 Simmered dishes: STEWS

29 Kind: TYPE

32 Gnat or nag: PEST

34 Seat for Tiger? GOLFSWING

35 Famous almost-last words: ETTU

36 British nobleman: EARL

38 Like Poe's title heart: TELLTALE

40 Stick a fork in: SPEAR

44 Dance genre: TAP

47 Columbia, for one: IVY

48 Like some agents and Santas: SECRET

50 Took a break: RESTED

51 Muscle contraction: SPASM

52 Yoga variety: HATHA

53 Miscalculated: ERRED

54 Oversized and then some: GIANT

56 Healthy: HALE

57 Warrior son of King Telamon, in myth: AJAX

59 Donovan in the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame: ANNE

60 Bracelet ball: BEAD

63 Pop duo __ & Him: SHE

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