LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 2 January 2018

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Los Angeles Times 2 January 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 2 January 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 More hot under the collar: MADDER

7 Topper with a tassel: FEZ

10 Managed care gp.: HMO

13 Repetitive World Cup cheer: OLEOLE

14 Commuter vehicle: AUTO

15 Alley __: OOP

16 Celebrate with abandon: LETOFFSTEAM

18 Boring routine: RUT

19 Teen sleuth Nancy: DREW

20 Exchange for cash: SELL

21 Deep opera voice: BASSO

23 Razor sharpener: STROP

25 Corn serving: EAR

26 "Uh-huh": ISEE

27 Lift a few weights: PUMPSOMEIRON

31 "Wheel of Fortune" purchase: ANI

34 High-priority task: MUSTDO

35 __ Jones' locker: DAVY

36 Mob enforcer: HITMAN

38 Girls in the family: NIECES

40 Island off Tuscany: ELBA

41 Arts and __: summer camp activity: CRAFTS

45 Before, poetically: ERE

46 Sunday NBC public affairs show: MEETTHEPRESS

49 "The Well-Tempered Clavier" composer: BACH

50 Long-armed primate: APE

51 Bit of prevention: OUNCE

55 Soak in the tub: BATHE

56 Ignoring, with "to": DEAF

58 Parliament member: LORD

59 Ride for Jesus on Palm Sunday: ASS

60 Like a shirt condition suggested by the ends of 16-, 27- and 46-Across: WRINKLEFREE

63 Edge of a glass: RIM

64 One shaken to seal a deal: HAND

65 Keen judgment: ACUMEN

66 SSW's opposite: NNE

67 Tweeter's "Wow!": OMG

68 Parable messages: MORALS


1 Jell-O shapers: MOLDS

2 Warn: ALERT

3 Ward off: DETER

4 "Grease" music genre: DOOWOP

5 Munchkin kin: ELF

6 Gridiron zebras: REFS

7 Nuclear reactor tube: FUELROD

8 H-like Greek vowel: ETA

9 "Shaun of the Dead" creature: ZOMBIE

10 Kentucky Derby, e.g.: HORSERACE

11 Position the cursor without clicking: MOUSEOVER

12 Vision: Pref.: OPTO

14 "About time!": ATLAST

17 Goes (through) slowly: SEEPS

22 "All kidding __ ... ": ASIDE

24 Saucony rival: PUMA

28 Chew noisily: MUNCH

29 Three-card game: MONTE

30 Wall St.'s "Big Board": NYSE

31 "Pardon me": AHEM

32 River drainage region that covers 11 African countries: NILEBASIN

33 "I haven't a clue!": ITBEATSME

37 Fire lighter: MATCH

39 "That __ awesome!": ISSO

42 Poetry performance: READING

43 Add as a supplement: APPEND

44 Flip (out): FREAK

47 "Pinball Wizard" band: THEWHO

48 Gunpowder element: SULFUR

52 Bellini opera: NORMA

53 Angler's basket: CREEL

54 Utopian places: EDENS

55 Place for a Deere, but not deer: BARN

57 Hoax: FLAM

61 Crash into: RAM

62 Green prefix: ECO

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