LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 2 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 2 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 2 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Payments to some volunteers: HONORARIA

10 Band wind instruments: JUGS

14 "Is everything resolved now?": AREWEGOOD

15 Peel out, maybe: GUNIT

16 1994 Chuck Norris movie: HELLBOUND

17 Pope's "An __ on Criticism": ESSAY

18 Apiece, in scores: ALL

19 Art Deco icon: ERTE

20 Reconcile: ATTUNE

21 Entertainer with a desk: CLASSCLOWN

23 Spectrum: SCALE

25 Neologism: COINAGE

27 Megan of "The Blacklist": BOONE

28 Robert __, unsuccessful 1987 Supreme Court nominee: BORK

29 Poet's preposition: THRO

31 Without delay: RAPIDLY

33 Drop: DESCEND

35 Eastern nurse: AMAH

36 Pac-12 team since 2011: UTES

38 "Me __!": THREE

39 Tools used on the way up: ICEAXES

41 Island birthplace of Pythagoras: SAMOS

42 "Just one more": ALMOSTDONE

44 Poor: SUBPAR

46 Jazz phrase: RIFF

47 Electrify: ZAP

50 Sanctions: OKAYS

51 Small driers, to Brits: TEATOWELS

53 "Jay __ Garage": Emmy-winning reality show: LENOS

54 Reveres: VENERATES

55 Grandson of Abraham: ESAU

56 Refuse to budge: STANDFAST


1 "Funny not funny": HAHA

2 Russian city: OREL

3 Dudley Do-Right's love: NELL

4 Symbol of Athena: OWL

5 Rose up: REBELLED

6 Hellenic gathering places: AGORAE

7 Creams: ROUTS

8 "Rhinoceros" playwright: IONESCO

9 Cookbook directive: ADD

10 "Pay attention and see how it's done": JUSTWATCHME

11 One who didn't get what they deserved: UNSUNGHERO

12 17th-century sculptor Bernini: GIAN

13 Ocular woe: STYE

15 Board: GETON

20 Matching in many ways: ALIKE

21 Offer to a customer: CANIHELPYOU

22 Wood lots: CORDS

23 "Same here": SOAMI

24 Manilow hit featuring Tony and Lola: COPACABANA

26 White-tailed fliers: ERNES

27 Hood accessory: BRA

28 Units usually prefixed: BYTES

30 Poetic tribute: ODE

32 Vegas hotel that once had a King Tut's Tomb replica: LUXOR

34 Home of the Cardinal: STANFORD

37 Where the Boss' band once rehearsed: ESTREET

40 Corral: AMASS

41 Give in a bit: SOFTEN

43 Mythical hunter: DIANA

44 Exclusive: SOLE

45 Bari __: low-pitched strings: UKES

47 Sixth of 24: ZETA

48 Porters, e.g.: ALES

49 Sibilant "Hey!": PSST

51 Sharp offerings: TVS

52 Post-WWII feminine flier: WAF

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