LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 2 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 2 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 2 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Safari find: SITE

5 Debate side: ANTI

9 First-string squad: ATEAM

14 Degrees for some execs: MBAS

18 Graceful horse: ARAB

19 Created: BORN

20 James Gang associate Starr: BELLE

21 Summa cum __: LAUDE

22 Candle used in a lighthouse? WAXBEACON

24 Genesis tower locale: BABEL

25 Place out of the sun: ARBOR

26 Casper-to-Denver dir.: SSE

27 Word in a beauty brand since 1952: OLAY

28 Snake that can walk on water? MIRACLECOBRA

30 Snake secretion: VENOM

32 On one's __: having recovered: FEET

33 Brightly plumed songbird: ORIOLE

34 Tax prep pros: CPAS

36 More current: NEWER

38 "Such a cute cat!": AWW

41 Russo of "Thor": RENE

42 Imitations of disapproving sounds? RASPBERRYCOPIES

46 Disobedient: REBEL

49 Goree who played Cassius Clay in "One Night in Miami...": ELI

50 Actor Morales: ESAI

51 Baconator chain: WENDYS

53 Truth alternative: DARE

54 Expressive chat image: EMOJI

56 Even now: STILL

59 Treasury Dept. variable: GNP

60 Small container: TIN

61 Big name in bread: PANERA

63 Workout trainers? MUSCLECOACHES

68 Tot's belly: TUM

69 Rochelle Walensky's org.: CDC

70 "This __ to stop": HAS

71 Mt. Hood's state: ORE

72 Reward for a fan at a smokehouse drawing? LIFETIMEBACON

77 iRobot vacuum: ROOMBA

81 Sci-fi author Palmer: ADA

82 Liquid meas.: GAL

83 Loud laughs: ROARS

86 Garden-variety: USUAL

87 Lauderdale neighbor: BOCA

89 Pump number: OCTANE

92 Short statement or question: ITIS

94 "Billions" airer, briefly: SHO

95 Snow day coasters: SLEDS

97 Traveling jokester? HIGHWAYCOMEDIAN

101 Barcelona bar bite: TAPA

103 Goofy drawing? CEL

104 "Level Up" singer: CIARA

105 Vaper's stick, for short: ECIG

106 Colombian capital: BOGOTA

108 Throw out: DUMP

110 Fr. misses: MLLES

112 Problem that plagues the grid? POWERSCOURGE

115 Pitcher Sparky, first American League reliever to win the Cy Young Award: LYLE

116 Jeter's jersey number: TWO

119 "__ we all?": ARENT

120 Yearly record: ANNAL

121 Perform a pregame NFL ritual ... or, in four parts, phrase that hints at seven long Across answers: TOSSACOIN

123 Soft minerals: TALCS

124 "Stranger Things" genre: SCIFI

125 Foil alternative: EPEE

126 Craving: URGE

127 Craftsy etailer: ETSY

128 Dry runs: TESTS

129 Orderly: NEAT

130 Julia's "Ocean's Eleven" role: TESS


1 Bits of wisdom: SAWS

2 Golden years funds: IRAS

3 Risky way to save: TAXEVASION

4 Recede: EBB

5 Rock-clinging mollusks: ABALONES

6 Museum tour rule: NOCAMERAS

7 Horse victim? TROY

8 Travel stop: INN

9 Cornish of "Jack Ryan": ABBIE

10 Convenient envelope-opening strip: TEARTAPE

11 Island off Tuscany: ELBA

12 Smart guy? ALEC

13 __ Yello: MELLO

14 Like "Lost" characters: MAROONED

15 Unwinding luxury: BUBBLEBATH

16 Love to pieces: ADORE

17 Blood drive fluids: SERA

21 More frilly: LACIER

23 Many, many years: EON

28 Bygone Ford div.: MERC

29 Make an oopsie: ERR

31 Medium gift: ESP

32 "Wine Country" actress: FEY

34 Obnoxious sort: CREEP

35 Mallorcan seaport: PALMA

37 Legal order: WRIT

39 Come out on top: WIN

40 Thick-heeled shoes: WEDGES

43 Lebanon's capital: BEIRUT

44 Head-turning birds: OWLS

45 Match sound to video: SYNC

47 Great Lake near Detroit: ERIE

48 Microscope part: LENS

52 Wildlife trail: SPOOR

55 Jump in a tutu: JETE

57 Online source for film buffs: IMDB

58 2021 Pixar film set in Italy: LUCA

62 Panama pal: AMIGO

64 Half a toy train? CHOO

65 Pop singer Del Rey: LANA

66 Stir up: AROUSE

67 Corp. honchos: CEOS

69 TD Garden NBAer: CELTIC

72 Research places: LABS

73 Childhood hero, perhaps: IDOL

74 Small drying aids: FACETOWELS

75 Jet speed measure: MACH

76 Staff for sailing: CREW

78 Shop with record sales: MUSICSTORE

79 Its supreme body is the Universal House of Justice: BAHAI

80 Word after string or sing: ALONG

84 Costa __: RICA

85 Nolde watercolor with a turbulent title: STORMYSEA

88 "Mad Men" business: ADAGENCY

90 Candle count, maybe: AGE

91 Where teams annually make ice picks? NHLDRAFT

93 "Ready when you are!": IMALLSET

96 Pool and pickleball: SPORTS

98 Pinnacle: ACME

99 Shrill bark: YIP

100 "Mudbound" director Rees: DEE

102 Common tweet symbols: ATS

106 Fictional Kazakh journalist: BORAT

107 "... and __ of thousands!": ACAST

109 Jamaican citrus fruits: UGLIS

111 Grazing area: LEA

112 Bánh mì condiment: PATE

113 At the moment when: ONCE

114 Aussie colleges: UNIS

115 A bit less than a canter: LOPE

117 Drag show toppers: WIGS

118 People: ONES

121 Decathlon number: TEN

122 Edit, in a way: CUT

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