LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 2 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 2 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 2 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Former NFL running back Jennings who won "Dancing With the Stars" in 2017: RASHAD

7 Cuban dance: RUMBA

12 Govt. Rx watchdog: FDA

15 Give in (to): ACCEDE

16 Thorny plant: BRIAR

17 Belonging to us: OUR

18 Invisible impediment in the workplace: GLASSCEILING

20 The Pac-12's Trojans: USC

21 Solar phenomena: SUNSPOTS

22 Kooky traits: QUIRKS

24 Flub it: ERR

25 Able to speak easily, as a language: FLUENT

27 Badly mistaken: OFFBASE

31 Average schlub: JOESCHMO

34 53-Down noise: CROAK

35 Not worth debating: MOOT

36 Is in the red: OWES

37 Civil suit cause: TORT

38 Predators in pool halls: SHARKS

40 Designer Jacobs: MARC

41 Set in stone, say: ETCH

42 Benevolent: KIND

43 HÅ gar's wife: HELGA

44 Paul Newman caper film: THESTING

46 Comedian Elayne: BOOSLER

48 Full of moxie: FEISTY

49 Theater segment: ACT

50 "Reservoir Dogs" co-star Harvey: KEITEL

52 Find at a dig: ARTIFACT

57 Blackjack eleven: ACE

58 Invisible impediment in the sky: SOUNDBARRIER

61 Twitter guffaw: LOL

62 Chose (to): OPTED

63 Bit of ramen: NOODLE

64 Football lineman: END

65 Prerequisites: NEEDS

66 "Communist Manifesto" co-author with Marx: ENGELS


1 Garb for many a Dickens waif: RAGS

2 Rights-defending org.: ACLU

3 Read quickly: SCAN

4 Gas brand with toy trucks: HESS

5 Marketing jargon: ADSPEAK

6 Interior designs: DECORS

7 Grand slam quartet, in baseball shorthand: RBIS

8 Internet address letters: URL

9 1002, in old Rome: MII

10 Regal meals: BANQUETS

11 Participates in a debate: ARGUES

12 Invisible impediment in the theater: FOURTHWALL

13 Nightfall: DUSK

14 Curved sections: ARCS

19 French "to be": ETRE

23 Workers' earnings: INCOMES

25 Scandinavian cruise sight: FJORD

26 "Please understand ... ": LOOK

27 Eight-member ensemble: OCTET

28 Suds: FROTH

29 Invisible impediment in science fiction: FORCEFIELD

30 Packaged buy including shower curtain, towels, etc.: BATHSET

32 Join the flow of traffic: MERGE

33 Basketball Hall of Famer Robertson: OSCAR

35 Like some stray mutts: MANGY

38 Slalom setting: SKISLOPE

39 Clue: HINT

43 Producer of curls: HOTIRON

45 Attaches with rope: TIESON

46 Cutting remark: BARB

47 Number on a pump: OCTANE

50 Curly leafy green: KALE

51 Micro or macro subj.: ECON

52 Tacks on: ADDS

53 Pond critter: FROG

54 Staff helper: AIDE

55 Phone in a pocket: CELL

56 "__ chic!": TRES

59 Sporty truck, briefly: UTE

60 Nancy Drew's beau: NED

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