LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 2 July 2020

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Los Angeles Times 2 July 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 2 July 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Indian noblewoman: RANI

5 Pressure meas.: PSI

8 Little lies: FIBS

12 Like port, usually: AGED

13 W. alliance since 1948: OAS

14 Southwestern grassy plain: LLANO


19 Make a minister: ORDAIN

20 Soft drink nut: KOLA

22 Flings: CASTS

26 "No idea": IMSTUMPED

28 Cost of preventing deterioration: UPKEEP

30 Adhesive: PASTE

31 Protein-rich bean: SOYA

32 Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo __: EPSTEIN

37 Blueprint detail, for short: SPEC

38 [No idea]: SHRUG

39 Charity: ALMS

43 Wearing away gradually: ERODING

45 Greek earth goddess: GAIA

46 Autocrats of old Russia: TSARS

49 100 agorot, in Israel: SHEKEL

51 "No idea": ITBEATSME

56 Dancer Castle: IRENE

57 Strait-laced: PRIM

58 Storywriter known for irony: OHENRY


66 Pasta often served alla vodka: PENNE

67 Louis XIV, par exemple: ROI

68 Unnerve: FAZE

69 Hides the gray, maybe: DYES

70 "Atlas Shrugged" writer Rand: AYN

71 Mattress spring: COIL


1 "Go team!": RAH

2 Back in the day: AGO

3 Still in the package: NEW

4 Fake __: IDS

5 Not up to snuff: POOR

6 Mecca native: SAUDI

7 Religion of Mecca: ISLAM

8 Low-tech fire starter: FLINT

9 Breed: ILK

10 Supervisor at a financial institution: BANKMANAGER

11 Busybodies: SNOOPS

15 Young hooter: OWLET

17 One may wind up on a fire truck: HOSE

18 Bad-mouth: DIS

21 Beverage suffix: ADE

22 Use bad words: CUSS

23 Informal pricing words: APOP

24 Largest of the Inner Hebrides: SKYE

25 Japanese ritual with an iron pot: TEACEREMONY

27 Org. with an Odd News web page: UPI

29 Baja bread: PESO

33 Scholar's deg.: PHD

34 __ Lanka: SRI

35 Winery cask: TUN

36 French toast maker's need: EGGS

40 Victoria, for one: LAKE

41 Appearance: MIEN

42 BOGO event: SALE

44 Cape Town's country: Abbr.: RSA

46 Pointed end: TIP

47 Narrow piece: STRIP

48 Tolerated: ABIDED

50 Breezy greeting: HIYA

52 Big name in raingear: TOTES

53 "Use your inside voice": SHH

54 Comedian featured in Jerry Stiller's "Married to Laughter": MEARA

55 Official representative: ENVOY

59 Horse rider's strap: REIN

61 Shreveport-to-Little Rock dir.: NNE

62 Ozone-depleting chemical: CFC

63 Language of Southeast Asia: LAO

64 Special forces weapon: UZI

65 Unagi, e.g.: EEL

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