LA Times Crossword answers Friday 2 July 2021

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Los Angeles Times 2 July 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 2 July 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Let off: ACQUIT

7 "Beats me," in texts: IDK

10 Boozer: SOT

13 Its recipe often includes egg whites: MOUSSE

14 System used in home decor: FENGSHUI

17 *Runs drills: PRICES

18 It can unfold over many episodes: STORYARC

19 P.O. box item: ENV

20 Canadian grazer: ELK

22 *Extremely demanding: EXING

23 *Did a double-take, say: REED

25 Sounds of relief: AHHS

27 Simon of "Shaun of the Dead": PEGG

29 Screen legend Flynn: ERROL

31 *Produce milk: LATE

33 "Indeedy": YUP

35 One-time Nigerian capital: LAGOS

37 Thingamajig: DOODAD

40 Magic trick that affects the answers to starred clues: DISAPPEARINGACT

44 Seales of HBO's "Insecure": AMANDA

45 Feed a crowd, say: CATER

46 Printer spec.: DPI

47 Singer Susan Boyle, e.g.: SCOT

49 Outfit again: RERIG

53 Kind of sink: SLOP

56 Tot's bruise: OWIE

58 __ trap: SETA

59 *Like two-humped camels: BRIAN

61 Non-Rx: OTC

63 Form 1040 calc.: AGI

64 Religious groups that allegedly communicate with ETs: UFOCULTS

67 Sweatshirt with a head cover: HOODIE

69 Classic couples carrier? NOAHSARK

70 "Ouch!": IMHURT

71 Word with film or form: ART

72 Utter: SAY

73 *In a concise manner: COMPLY


1 Electrical unit: AMPERE

2 Home plate edge: CORNER

3 Accessory for Katniss Everdeen: QUIVER

4 Trojans' sch.: USC

5 "That makes sense": ISEE

6 Electric wheels: TESLA

7 Hypotheticals: IFS

8 Not like at all: DETEST

9 Fort defended by Bond: KNOX

10 Disney film featuring a canine prosecutor, with "The": SHAGGYDA

11 Lord's Prayer opener: OUR

12 *Strategic maneuver: TIC

15 Handlebar part: GRIP

16 Last word in a holiday song: SYNE

21 Kin of Kourtney: KHLOE

24 __ Twins: online comedy duo: DOLAN

26 Freaks out: HASACOW

28 Quick dip? GUAC

30 "Bosch" squad: Abbr.: LAPD

32 Prep for publication: EDIT

34 Calif. summer hrs.: PDT

36 Admissions depts. review them: GPAS

38 Unique thing, to a Brit: ONER

39 Meanies: OGRES

40 __ joke: DAD

41 *Has an effect on: IMPS

42 Tot's tub toy: SAILBOAT

43 1:15, e.g.: RATIO

48 Against: CONTRA

50 Study, with "on": READUP

51 Celebrity socialite: ITGIRL

52 Merriment: GAIETY

54 Theater ticket abbr.: ORCH

55 Name of 12 popes: PIUS

57 Value system: ETHIC

60 Old-style "Bummer!": ALAS

62 Crooner Perry: COMO

64 __ vez: once: UNA

65 *Thing that matters: FOR

66 __-high: SKY

68 Electrical unit: OHM

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