LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 2 July 2022

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Los Angeles Times 2 July 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 2 July 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Acknowledged mistakes: ERRATA

7 Leads: CHAIRS

13 Secure, in a way: SEALOFF

15 One cog in the Big Red Machine: GRIFFEY

16 Bach work: CANTATA

17 Birthplace of Kamala Harris: OAKLAND

18 Ron Rifkin spy series: ALIAS

19 Shortsighted one: MYOPE

21 Number of Olympic medals won by Katie Ledecky: TEN

22 Map marker: PIN

23 Many chords: TRIADS

25 Saltimbocca flavor: SAGE

26 Spanish 101 word: ESTA

28 Troubles: ILLS

29 Chase with a slide rule: UTLEY

30 Age of enlightenment? TODAYYEARSOLD

33 Brody of "The O.C.": ADAM

34 Like one due for an inheritance? MEEK

35 Oscar nominee who voiced Michelle Obama on "The Simpsons": ANGELABASSETT

40 It may be pulled by an athlete: GROIN

41 Polo who played Rebecca on "Sports Night": TERI

42 Emulate Kelly Slater: SURF

44 __ buco: OSSO

45 Beer mugs: STEINS

47 Drag queen Bianca Del __: RIO

48 Present mo.: DEC

49 All thumbs: INEPT

50 Freezes, say: NUMBS

52 Unavailable, in a way: ONORDER

54 Like Romeo and Juliet: AMOROUS

56 "All You Need" intimates brand: WARNERS

57 Carriage return creation: NEWLINE

58 Nats division: NLEAST

59 Theologian for whom a Connecticut university is named: WESLEY


1 "__ at Dannemora": Arquette miniseries: ESCAPE

2 Pragmatic sort: REALIST


4 Resort near Deer Valley: ALTA

5 Done for: TOAST

6 Back on board: AFT

7 Casino game: CRAPS

8 Sharp increase: HIKE

9 Samuel Gompers' org.: AFL

10 "... maybe not even that": IFATALL

11 Went back (on): RENEGED

12 World's largest natural harbor: SYDNEY

14 Jaleel White's show: FAMILYMATTERS

15 Roadside assistant? GOODSAMARITAN

20 Lupita Nyong'o's alma mater: YALE

24 Saudi capital: RIYAL

25 Stirs up: STOKES

27 Not quite lento: ADAGIO

29 Presses into service: USES

31 Arabian port: ADEN

32 Frankincense or myrrh: RESIN

35 Football club founded in 1886: ARSENAL

36 Love all? NOSCORE

37 Honk: BEEP

38 Unrest: TURMOIL

39 Chicago daily: TRIBUNE

40 Happen: GODOWN

43 "Woman in the Mists" subject: FOSSEY

45 Comics dog in a Viking helmet: SNERT

46 Olympia from Maine: SNOWE

49 Time to beware: IDES

51 Bing returns: URLS

53 Messenger __: RNA

55 Catlike Pokémon: MEW

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