LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 2 March 2017

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Los Angeles Times 2 March 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 2 March 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Bleach container: JUG

4 Shed door attachments: HASPS

9 Like iceberg lettuce: CRISP

14 Freudian topic: EGO

15 Marginally ahead: ONEUP

16 Relative of bongos: TABLA

17 Queen's domain: CHESSGAME

19 Cause of a skid, perhaps: SLEET

20 Tom Jones' "__ a Lady": SHES

21 Payroll service co.: ADP

23 __-ˆ-porter: ready-to-wear: PRET

24 Keep from happening: THWART

26 Queen's domain: BEEHIVE

28 Corporate big shots: SUITS

29 With false modesty: COYLY

31 Bubbly opener? AER

32 Hide from a hunter: PELT

33 Coppertone's 30, e.g.: SPF

34 Bit of IM mirth: HEE

36 Queen's domain: DECKOFCARDS

40 Versailles monarch: ROI

41 West __: high-end furniture retailer: ELM

42 Related: AKIN

45 Actress Arthur: BEA

48 Slyly disparaging: SNIDE

50 Back of a single: BSIDE

51 Queen's domain: ENGLAND

53 Picked up: SENSED

54 De Matteo of "Sons of Anarchy": DREA

55 One in favor: YEA

57 Baseball analyst Hershiser: OREL

58 Odyssey on the road: HONDA

60 Queen's domain: ARENAROCK

64 Of yesteryear: OLDEN

65 Keep down: LIMIT

66 Writer who inspired the Raven Award: POE

67 Pineal or pituitary: GLAND

68 Chef's creation: SAUCE

69 Soufflé need: EGG


1 39th pres.: JEC

2 "Bummer": UGH

3 Runs amok: GOESWILD

4 Uncouth types, in Canadian slang: HOSERS

5 Severe anxiety: ANGST

6 Yellow __: SEA

7 Adidas rival: PUMA

8 Left in the dust: SPEDBY

9 Nos. that are beside the point: CTS

10 Actor Fiennes: RALPH

11 It's across the Pyrenees from France: IBERIA

12 Tailor's measure: SLEEVE

13 Auction spiel: PATTER

18 Destroy: SHATTER

22 New York suburb bordering New Rochelle: PELHAM

24 Recipe amt.: TSP

25 Tinge: HUE

27 Once-over giver: EYER

29 USCG rank: CPO

30 Took out: OFFED

33 Gossip: SKINNY

35 Santa portrayer in "Elf": EDASNER

37 Alguna __: something, in Spain: COSA

38 Cavs, on a scoreboard: CLE

39 White way: SKISLOPE

43 Chem class suffix: IDE

44 "Game of Thrones" patriarch Stark: NED

45 Covers stealer: BEDHOG

46 Join the club: ENROLL

47 Guide for a chair: AGENDA

49 High standards: IDEALS

50 Scold: BERATE

52 Weighted down: LADEN

53 __ boom: SONIC

56 Met delivery: ARIA

59 "Then what happened?": AND

61 Critter on the Australian: EMU

62 Machine part: COG

63 Beer source: KEG

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