LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 2 March 2021

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Los Angeles Times 2 March 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 2 March 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Arthur with Emmys: BEA

4 DVR copying button: REC

7 Futuristic TV family: JETSONS

14 Reply to "Excuse me, you're in my seat": ILLMOVE

16 Modified to fit: ADAPTED

17 Reacted to shearing: BLEATED

18 Fitness regimen: PILATES

19 *Tour de France participant: BICYCLERACER

21 Manage moguls: SKI

22 Rhinitis docs: ENTS

23 Thumb drive port: USB

26 Pinochle combos: MELDS

30 Meticulous to a fault: ANAL

31 __ vez: Rosa's "once": UNA

34 *Lo-cal tea brand: DIETSNAPPLE

38 Islamic holy month: RAMADAN

40 Scam targets: VICTIMS

41 *Singer who's the namesake of the high school in "Grease": BOBBYRYDELL

43 Rapper Lil __ X: NAS

44 Poirot's pals: AMIS

45 "To recap ... ": INSUM

47 Small point: NIT

48 Pedestal or plinth: BASE

51 Wedding vow: IDO

54 One who might use one of the ends of the answers to starred clues: COMPUTERNERD

59 SeaWorld tanks: AQUARIA

62 Collectibles from afar: EXOTICA

63 Happening now: CURRENT

64 Med. imaging procedure: CATSCAN

65 Bob and weave: HAIRDOS

66 Medical ins. plan: HMO

67 Denver-to-Wichita dir.: ESE


1 Lettuce variety: BIBB

2 "The Name Game" singer Shirley: ELLIS

3 Smart __: wiseacre: ALECK

4 Campus mil. group: ROTC

5 First name in stunt driving: EVEL

6 Formally transfer: CEDE

7 "Shogun" setting: JAPAN

8 Decree: EDICT

9 Stories: TALES

10 Practice boxing: SPAR

11 Giants legend Mel: OTT

12 Bridal bio word: NEE

13 '60s antiwar gp.: SDS

15 "The Big Bang Theory" actress __ Bialik who is also a scheduled 2021 "Jeopardy!" guest host: MAYIM

20 Remainder: REST

23 Remove, as a brooch: UNPIN

24 Actress Hayek: SALMA

25 Grace verb: BLESS

27 Stream swirl: EDDY

28 "You made that up!": LIAR

29 Claim to be untrue: DENY

30 Well-suited: APT

31 Not at all bucolic: URBAN

32 Judd of country: NAOMI

33 Scope: AMBIT

35 "Frozen" reindeer: SVEN

36 Guitarist Lofgren: NILS

37 Org. in many civil rights cases: ACLU

39 Short muscles? ABS

42 God, in Grenoble: DIEU

46 Tic Tacs, e.g.: MINTS

48 Yawning, perhaps: BORED

49 Essential acid: AMINO

50 Minor arguments: SPATS

52 Prepare for takeoff, as a frosty windshield: DEICE

53 Aquatic predators: ORCAS

54 "The Alienist" author Caleb: CARR

55 Field for this puzzle's theme: TECH

56 Possible cause of student nervousness: EXAM

57 Revolution prefix: ROTO

58 Hamlet, by birth: DANE

59 Allentown : "Alas!" :: Altenburg : "__!": ACH

60 Sine __ non: QUA

61 Ocean State sch.: URI

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