LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 2 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 2 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 2 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Animal fat: LARD

5 Mer, here: SEA

8 Business entities: FIRMS

13 State as fact: AVER

14 Photo: PIC

15 Patronize a bistro, say: EATOUT

16 Cover for a king: ROBE

17 Onassis, familiarly: ARI

18 Catskills restaurant job for young Jerry Lewis: BUSBOY

19 Acted with total independence: ANSWEREDTONOONE

22 Parrot's screech: AWK

23 Voiced sounds: SONANTS

24 Farm units: BUSHELS

28 Yeoman's "yo": AYE

29 Some wind components: OBOEREEDS

31 Smooch: BUSS

35 Fluids used for blood typing: SERA

36 Theater reservations: SEATS

38 Melville sequel to "Typee": OMOO

39 Rep on the street: CRED

40 Delay one's decision: SLEEPONIT

42 Camera variety, initially: SLR

44 Fills with passion: ENAMORS

45 Garment aptly named for where it's worn: BUSTIER

49 Smack-__: DAB

50 What the filled-in circles do, in a tots' song: GOROUNDANDROUND

55 React to with a belly laugh: ROARAT

56 New start? NEO

57 Inside information? XRAY

58 Queen of puzzles: ELLERY

59 Big name on Wall Street: DOW

60 To be, to Livy: ESSE

61 "__ what I had in mind": WASNT

62 Stop on the road: INN

63 Some coll. requirements: SATS


1 Mother on Krypton: LARA

2 Big name in romance fiction: AVON

3 Civil War soldiers: REBS

4 Overtook, with "of": DREWAHEAD

5 Kills it on stage: SPARKLES

6 Auld land: EIRE

7 Essential fatty __: ACIDS

8 Florae counterparts: FAUNAE

9 "The program's starting!": ITSON

10 High-tech worker: ROBOT

11 Elementary particles: MUONS

12 Lid bump: STYE

15 Dark wood: EBONY

20 Still-life subject: EWER

21 Newlywed, at times: TOASTEE

24 Pear variety: BOSC

25 Lyft competitor: UBER

26 Really ticked: SORE

27 Blows a fuse: SEESRED

30 Indian lentil dish: DAL

31 Early hip-hop hardware: BOOMBOXES

32 Curt refusal: UMNO

33 Evening in Avignon: SOIR

34 Tipplers: SOTS

37 Demote to the minors: SENDDOWN

41 Host before Carson: PAAR

42 Comic store owner on "The Big Bang Theory": STUART

43 Full of fuzz: LINTY

45 Half a Yale cheer: BOOLA

46 Range with one end in Kazakhstan: URALS

47 Philosopher Kierkegaard: SOREN

48 Zuckerberg Media founder Zuckerberg: RANDI

50 Raised on a farm: GREW

51 Bright light: NEON

52 __ Major: URSA

53 Democratic donkey designer: NAST

54 Beauty salon supplies: DYES

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