LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 2 May 2017

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Los Angeles Times 2 May 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 2 May 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Accessory for Supergirl: CAPE

5 Volkswagen Routan, for one: VAN

8 Put into words: SAID

12 Andes animal: LLAMA

14 Belgrade native: SERB

15 Pinnacle: ACME

16 *Bath towel material: ABSORBENTCOTTON

19 Pilates class need: MAT

20 Note from the boss: MEMO

21 Data storage media: DISKS

22 *Bart and Lisa's grandpa: ABESIMPSON

26 Washroom bowls: BASINS

28 "People are saying ... ": RUMORIS

32 Saudi's neighbor: OMANI

33 Neeson of the "Taken" films: LIAM

35 Rare Hawaiian goose: NENE

36 Huff Post owner: AOL

37 Leave high and dry ... or, when divided into three parts, what the answers to starred clues are encompassed by: ABANDON

40 One of a golfer's pocketful: TEE

41 Mex. ladies: SRAS

43 Loosen, as laces: UNDO

44 Spew lava and ash: ERUPT

46 Online live-stream lecture: TEDTALK

48 __ Rico: PUERTO

49 *"Falcon Crest" actress: ABBYDALTON

52 "Haven't the foggiest": GOTME

55 "It's __": "Nobody wins": ATIE

56 Cookie fruit: FIG

59 *Book that's been shortened: ABRIDGEDVERSION

63 Male with a thick mane: LION

64 Totals: ADDS

65 "Yes and no": SORTA

66 Bluesy James: ETTA

67 Believe, as a story: BUY

68 Tuckered out: BEAT


1 Chowder ingredient: CLAM

2 Jessica of "Good Luck Chuck": ALBA

3 Picnic side dish: PASTASALAD

4 Revealing rock genre: EMO

5 Scorpion's poison: VENOM

6 Gallery showing: ART

7 "The Voice" network: NBC

8 Audited, as a class: SATINON

9 Circus performances: ACTS

10 "Everything's fine": IMOK

11 Many man caves: DENS

13 Country south of Georgia: ARMENIA

14 18-wheeler: SEMI

17 "Porgy and __": BESS

18 Former NBA forward Lamar: ODOM

23 Coal holder: BIN

24 Museum with a Goya Gate: PRADO

25 Sport with silk-clad referees called gyoji: SUMO

26 Brag: BOAST

27 Love, to Casanova: AMORE

29 Shoot back: RETURNFIRE

30 Ham-handed: INEPT

31 Take care of: SEETO

33 Tall and lean: LANKY

34 Gary's st.: IND

38 Onion or shallot: BULB

39 Fixes, as Fido: NEUTERS

42 Mountain climber's need: STAMINA

45 Rock's __ Speedwagon: REO

47 Still in the sack: ABED

48 Ballet knee bend: PLIE

50 Papa: DADDY

51 Off-road rides: Abbr.: ATVS

52 Wind warning indicated by two red flags: GALE

53 "In memoriam" piece: OBIT

54 Relaxed gait: TROT

57 Bitty bit: IOTA

58 Bitty biter: GNAT

60 Shoot the breeze: GAB

61 Academic URL ending: EDU

62 Have a good cry: SOB

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