LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 2 May 2020

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Los Angeles Times 2 May 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 2 May 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Groom like a groom, maybe: MANSCAPE

9 Is in store: AWAITS

15 Green getaway: ECOHOTEL

16 "Crud!": DARNIT

17 Beneficiaries of preferential admission: LEGACIES

18 Delightful: DREAMY

19 Texas congressman who ran for president as a Libertarian in 1988: RONPAUL

21 Nice refusal? NON

22 When things just don't click: OFFDAY

25 Aide-__: mnemonic device: MEMOIRE

28 White wine cocktails: KIRS

29 Gets stuck: BOGSDOWN

32 Let go: AXE

33 Let go: FIRE

34 Air freshener deliveries: MISTS

37 High-speed metaphor: PEDALTOTHEMETAL

41 Give out: ISSUE

42 Colorado tributary: GILA

43 "So you admit it!": AHA

44 "Star Wars" film subtitle: ANEWHOPE

47 Classist type: SNOB

48 Breath-freshening brew: MINTTEA

50 Board game conduits: CHUTES

52 Storied shelf occupant: ELF

53 Lawmaker: ENACTOR

56 Barked: WOOFED

59 Pregame party site: TAILGATE

63 Tee off: ENRAGE

64 Pavarotti classic: OSOLEMIO

65 Father figure? DADBOD

66 Broad Eastern cuisine category: PANASIAN


1 Harris of "thirtysomething": MEL

2 Flying phenom: ACE

3 Eggy drink: NOG

4 Fragments: SHARDS

5 __ butter: COCOA

6 Not very much: ATINYBIT

7 Single animal-shaped candy? PEEP

8 "Let It Go" singer in "Frozen": ELSA

9 Mystified: ADDLED

10 Serious declaration: WAR

11 Is for many: ARE

12 Before you know it: INANINSTANT

13 Divided island north of Australia: TIMOR

14 "Don't Rain on My Parade" composer: STYNE

20 Speaker's pauses: UMS

22 Beast known as the zebra giraffe: OKAPI

23 Rigs: FIXES

24 Junk dealer in a '70s sitcom: FREDSANFORD

26 Family nickname: MOMMA

27 Tot's scrape: OWIE

30 Peru panning target: ORO

31 Outset: GETGO

33 Speedy: FLEET

35 Nevada tourist mecca: TAHOE

36 Foundation pieces: SLABS

38 Bee or Em: AUNT

39 With it: HIP

40 Choice event: ELECTION

45 Prepared a bed, maybe: WEEDED

46 Solo pilot? HAN

47 Swells: SURGES

48 Spoke Burmese? MEWED

49 Actress Massey: ILONA

51 Casual greeting: HOLLA

54 Perched on: ATOP

55 61-Down's dwelling: CASA

57 __ Four: FAB

58 One may be bruised: EGO

60 Challenging retort: AMI

61 Familia member: TIA

62 Word that's sometimes an exaggeration: EON

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