LA Times Crossword answers Monday 2 May 2022

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Los Angeles Times 2 May 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 2 May 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Former Yankee slugger, familiarly: AROD

5 Barrel of laughs: RIOT

9 "Joy of Cooking" writer Rombauer: IRMA

13 Take away: MINUS

15 Skeleton prefix: ENDO

16 Is sorry about: RUES

17 *Chilled caffeinated drink: ICEDCOFFEE

19 __-lock brakes: ANTI

20 Pt. of HDTV: DEF

21 __ facto: IPSO

22 "Moby-Dick" ship: PEQUOD

24 Slim woodwind: OBOE

26 Not well: ILL

27 "Star Wars" pilot Dameron: POE

28 *Cold War barrier: IRONCURTAIN

32 Blueprints: PLANS

33 Orderly: NEAT

34 Comply with: OBEY

38 Frying liquids: OILS

39 Holy book: BIBLE

40 Small valley: DALE

41 Ward on "FBI": SELA

42 Brazilian berry: ACAI

43 Medicinal units: PILLS

44 *Close-knit, influential group: INNERCIRCLE

47 Legal org.: ABA

50 Lummox: OAF

51 Peters out: DIES

52 Tearjerker featuring Anna Chlumsky in her feature-film debut: MYGIRL

54 Ceramics oven: KILN

56 "__ the season ... ": TIS

59 Radar screen spot: BLIP

60 *English name of a West African republic: IVORYCOAST

63 Refrain syllables: LALA

64 Majorino of "Veronica Mars": TINA

65 Cosmetician Lauder: ESTEE

66 Meadow moms: EWES

67 Affirmative votes: YEAS

68 Pass (through) slowly: SEEP


1 In the thick of: AMID

2 Risotto grain: RICE

3 Part of the Three Musketeers' credo: ONEFORALL

4 Lemon: DUD

5 NFL officials: REFS

6 The 411: INFO

7 "__ of Girls' Things": poem by Sharon Olds: ODE

8 Metal tab that protects a shoe: TOEPLATE

9 Baghdad's country: IRAQ

10 Accumulate, as charges: RUNUP

11 "Same here!": METOO

12 "All kidding __ ... ": ASIDE

14 Descendants: SCIONS

18 Oil cartel acronym: OPEC

23 "Riverdale" actor Goree: ELI

25 Tiny potted tree: BONSAI

26 Slanted, as a typeface: ITALIC

28 1970s tennis star Nastase: ILIE

29 Worldwide humanitarian gp.: UNICEF

30 Concrete-reinforcing rod: REBAR

31 "Sorry, can't help ya": NODICE

32 Spots to buy stamps: Abbr.: POS

35 Mid-American Conference university in Indiana: BALLSTATE

36 Actress Fanning: ELLE

37 "Of course!": YES

39 Triteness: BANALITY

43 Royal son: PRINCE

45 Fin. neighbor: NOR

46 In a lazy way: IDLY

47 Saunter: AMBLE

48 Internal regulation for a club: BYLAW

49 Nimble: AGILE

53 Hoppy brews, briefly: IPAS

54 Beer company based in Hawaii: KONA

55 Some nest eggs, for short: IRAS

57 Words of comprehension, and a phonetic hint for the answers to the starred clues: ISEE

58 Dance move: STEP

61 "C'est la __!": VIE

62 CIA predecessor: OSS

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