LA Times Crossword answers Friday 2 November 2018

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Los Angeles Times 2 November 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 2 November 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Service calls: AMENS

6 Emotionally bother: GETTO

11 Sonic the Hedgehog maker: SEGA

15 Miller's salesman: LOMAN

16 Audibly awed: AGASP

17 Dirt handful: CLOD

18 Commonly bristly covering: FOUROCLOCKSHADOW

21 "Settle down!": COOLIT

22 Watch name: OMEGA

23 Black shade: JET

26 Positive aspects: PROS

27 Make the cut? SCISSOR

29 Christmas celebration: ELEVENPMMASS

32 Sock part: TOE

33 Innate abilities: FLAIRS

34 Ginsburg colleague: ALITO

36 With 37-Across, an apt reminder: FALL

37 See 36-Across: BACK

39 Pile: HEAP

43 Off the plate: EATEN

46 Mooch: SPONGE

48 SHO sister channel: TMC

51 Last-minute deadline: THETENTHHOUR

54 Whaling weapon: HARPOON

56 Narrow inlets: RIAS

57 Friend of Frodo: SAM

58 Red flag: ALARM

59 World Heritage Site org.: UNESCO

61 "Things are different now" ... and an apt hint to three other answers: TIMESHAVECHANGED

67 Long-billed wader: IBIS

68 Like Stout's Wolfe: OBESE

69 Former National Endowment for the Humanities chair Cheney: LYNNE

70 Great balls of fire: SUNS

71 Herd butters: GOATS

72 Radiate: EXUDE


1 1980s TV ET: ALF

2 Call from Mrs. O'Leary's barn: MOO

3 Dingo prey: EMU

4 Cop making a traffic stop? NARC

5 Nosy sort: SNOOPER

6 Mustang's rate of speed, at times: GALLOP

7 Selfishness: EGOISM

8 Delicacy: TACT

9 Sound of disapproval: TSK

10 Special __: OPS

11 Ponzi schemes, e.g.: SCAMS

12 Firstborn: ELDEST

13 Like lovestruck eyes: GOOGOO

14 Pop-up source: ADWARE

19 Reasons to take painful steps? CORNS

20 Verb in the song "Sloop John B": HOIST

23 Mutt's companion: JEFF

24 "First Lady of Song": ELLA

25 Colorful duck: TEAL

27 Polio vaccine pioneer: SALK

28 TV forensic series: CSI

30 Nasty: VILE

31 Cheese go-with: MAC

35 "Trouble ahead!": OHOH

37 "It's __ fun": BEEN

38 Farm crawler: ANT

40 Genesis grandson: ENOS

41 Water en un lago: AGUA

42 Salon offering: PERM

44 Scintillas: ATOMS

45 Short still? THO

46 Squirrel away: STASH

47 Range on which 7 denotes neutrality: PHSCALE

48 Strictly speaking: THATIS

49 "Two and a Half Men" beach setting: MALIBU

50 Pack without an inch to spare: CRAMIN

52 First name of a literary "Papa": ERNEST

53 Family reunion attendees: NIECES

55 Persist, with "on": PRESS

59 Pigmented eye area: UVEA

60 Black shade: ONYX

62 "Sooey!" responder: HOG

63 Blood classification letters: ABO

64 Beast that rhymes with zoo: GNU

65 Word with living or dead: END

66 When doubled, a Ramone: DEE

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