LA Times Crossword answers Monday 2 November 2020

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Los Angeles Times 2 November 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 2 November 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Brutus' 300: CCC

4 Florida city on its own bay: TAMPA

9 Actor Charlie or his dad Martin: SHEEN

14 "Oh, I get it now!": AHA

15 Schoolbag measuring stick: RULER

16 Overly theatrical: HAMMY

17 "Frozen" collectible: CEL

18 1980 Travolta/Winger film set in Texas: URBANCOWBOY

20 Asian island capital: TAIPEI

22 Bring to mind: EVOKE

23 Aristocracy: UPPERCLASS

26 Fateful March day: IDES

29 London district: SOHO

30 NBA tiebreakers: OTS

31 Agassi of tennis: ANDRE

32 Cat burglar's undoing: NOISE

35 Con artist's target: PIGEON

36 Fond du __, Wisconsin: LAC

39 Previously owned auto: USEDCAR

41 Fla. summer hrs.: DST

42 Top NFL player: ALLPRO

44 More out of sorts: ILLER

46 Smelly emanations: ODORS

47 Tulsa sch. named for an evangelist: ORU

48 "Avalon" author Seton: ANYA

52 Freelancer's encl.: SASE

53 Pandemonium: UTTERCHAOS

56 Cybermoney: ECASH

58 Chickpea dip: HUMMUS

59 Where a quarterback may line up: UNDERCENTER

63 Language suffix: ESE

64 Like a nasty remark: SNIDE

65 Waze suggestion: ROUTE

66 Novelist Deighton: LEN

67 Trait carriers: GENES

68 Editorial second thoughts: STETS

69 Up until now: YET


1 Plant seen in Road Runner cartoons: CACTUS

2 Bargain-basement: CHEAPO

3 Islamic leader: CALIPH

4 More factual: TRUER

5 Bond foe Goldfinger: AURIC

6 Org. with A's and O's: MLB

7 Veggie in a pod: PEA

8 James of "Gunsmoke": ARNESS

9 "Beat it!": SHOO

10 "A Brief History of Time" author Stephen: HAWKING

11 Attached to a military unit, as a journalist: EMBEDDED

12 Angsty music genre: EMO

13 Bronx team, initially: NYY

19 Walgreens rival: CVS

21 Low-level laborer: PEON

24 Drop, as weight: LOSE

25 Was humbled: ATEDIRT

27 Bow-wielding god: EROS

28 Mailed: SENT

31 Billion suffix: AIRE

33 Yours and mine: OURS

34 Personal ad "looking for": ISO

35 Good buddy: PAL

36 East Asian country: LAOS

37 Alan of "M*A*S*H": ALDA

38 Approached for a raid: CLOSEDIN

40 Board game with a candlestick: CLUE

43 Lead up to: PRECEDE

45 Former Chicago mayor Emanuel: RAHM

47 "Plays well with __": OTHERS

49 For instance: NAMELY

50 "It's like this," and a phonetic hint to the five longest Across answers: YOUSEE

51 Agree: ASSENT

53 Sch. near Hollywood: USC

54 Scarlett's Butler: RHETT

55 Heals: CURES

57 Greek war god: ARES

59 Post-Civil War pres.: USG

60 SSW's opposite: NNE

61 "__ on my watch!": NOT

62 U.S. Election Day: Abbr.: TUE

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