LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 2 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 2 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 2 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Really silly: APISH

6 All-__: high-end cookware: CLAD

10 Scribble: JOT

13 Chows down: EATS

17 Looie's underling: NONCOM

19 Mata __: HARI

20 Condo, say: UNIT

22 Work for a captain: CREW

23 Transfer, in a way: DECANT

24 "The Rachel Papers" novelist: AMIS

25 Attorney general after William Barr: JANETRENO

27 Cold War defector's observation? IMALOSERBACKINTHEUSSR

30 Physicist Mach: ERNST

31 Double-crosser: RAT

32 Pommes frites sprinkling: SEL

33 Shelf-filling bks.: OED

34 Accident initials: EMS

37 Platform for Apple mobile devices: IOS

38 Disinclined: AVERSE

41 Antique auto: REO


49 In a crowd of: AMONG

50 Cover up: HIDE

51 Have: OWN

52 "You got that right!": AMEN

54 Colorful salamander: NEWT

55 Bias: SPIN

57 Dublin-born rocker/activist: BONO

59 "Fantastic!": BRAVO

60 Facetious way to vote: OFTEN

62 Volvo competitor: SAAB

64 Holiday evergreen: FIR

66 Entomologist's tool: NET

67 "Please take the van, dear"? HONEYDONTDRIVEMYCAR

72 Netizen's guffaw: LOL

73 Agnus __: DEI

74 Follow: HEED

75 "Gladiator" setting: ARENA

76 Traveler's aid: ATLAS

78 Druid, for one: CELT

80 Formerly, formerly: ERST

81 Pizza Quick sauce brand: RAGU

85 Layer of ore: VEIN

86 Beheld: SAW

87 Vehicle for hire: TAXI

89 Creator of a cocky hare: AESOP

90 Agreement with a Scandinavian furniture maker? LETITBENORWEGIANWOOD

96 In-flight info: ETA

97 Leans (on): RELIES

98 Nashville awards org.: CMA

99 Storied abduction craft: UFO

100 Barely make, with "out": EKE

103 Sign of a hit: SRO

105 WWII female: WAC

106 Assume as fact: POSIT

108 Words from the brokenhearted? TELLMEWHYYOUWONTSEEME

116 1961 Pulitzer-winning novelist: HARPERLEE

117 Aspiring atty.'s exam: LSAT

118 Protective finish: ENAMEL

119 Many a folk song writer: Abbr.: ANON

120 Hospital fluids: SERA

121 Forget about: OMIT

122 Highway postings: LIMITS

123 Van __, Calif.: NUYS

124 Gravel alternative: TAR

125 IRS auditor's requests: RCTS

126 Longship language: NORSE


1 "The King __": ANDI

2 Work with a writer of its ilk contained in it: POEM

3 South American native: INCA

4 Deli sight: SCALE

5 In tribute to: HONORING

6 Meeting illustration: CHART

7 Moussaka meat: LAMB

8 The Habanera from "Carmen," e.g.: ARIA

9 Separate: DISCRETE

10 Self-defense method: JUJITSU

11 "... roasting __ open fire": ONAN

12 Salon supply: TINTS

13 Light brown: ECRU

14 Childish comeback: ARESO

15 Needing a chill pill: TENSE

16 War metaphor: SWORD

18 Aptly named Vt. ski resort: MTSNOW

21 Braves' All-Star pitcher Julio: TEHERAN

26 Fax predecessor: TELEX

28 "Put a tiger in your tank" brand: ESSO

29 Big name in corn syrup: KARO

34 McGregor of "Trainspotting": EWAN

35 Internet __: viral item: MEME

36 Garbage barge: SCOW

38 Analogous: AKIN

39 YouTube clip, for short: VID

40 School for some princes: ETON

42 He played Yuri in "Doctor Zhivago": OMAR

44 Composer Bruckner: ANTON

45 Savanna heavyweight: RHINO

46 Some bargains: TWOFERS

47 Freezer maker: AMANA

48 "When pigs fly!": NEVER

53 Word in most Commandments: NOT

55 Eye problem: STYE

56 Human-powered 87-Across: PEDICAB

57 Meter writer: BARD

58 Japanese sash: OBI

59 __ Mawr: BRYN

61 Agents of Uncle Sam: FEDS

62 Leave in, to an editor: STET

63 Sports drink suffix: ADE

65 "How __ Your Mother": CBS sitcom: IMET

67 Most of the RMS Queen Mary, now: HOTEL

68 Skateboarding leap: OLLIE

69 Red Wings' org.: NHL

70 Brazilian airline: VARIG

71 Panama-born MLB Hall of Famer: CAREW

72 Head, for short: LAV

77 Price of hand delivery? ANTE

79 Decorative pitcher: EWER

80 They're no longer together: EXES

82 Not worth __: valueless: ASOU

83 Loaf, with "off": GOOF

84 Beehive, e.g.: UPDO

86 Rubberneckers: STARERS

87 Like some pasta: TRICOLOR

88 Amaze: AWE

89 "A Spy in the House of Love" novelist: ANAISNIN

91 Caller ID? ITSME

92 When a ball may be dropped: NEWYEAR

93 "Challenge What's Possible" skin care brand: OLAY

94 Computer image: ICON

95 Dutch brewery: AMSTEL

100 "__ Frome": ETHAN

101 Sandra's "Speed" co-star: KEANU

102 "The Jetsons" boy: ELROY

104 Young hooter: OWLET

106 Annie of "Ghostbusters": POTTS

107 D’a de San Valent’n sentiment: TEAMO

109 ICU caregivers: LPNS

110 Mount Olympus VIP: HERA

111 Letters at Camp Lejeune: USMC

112 "Stop right there!": WAIT

113 Qatari chieftain: EMIR

114 2015 National League champs: METS

115 "If all __ fails ... ": ELSE

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